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13 Flower Meanings Beginning with V

15 Aug

Part of the Flower Alphabet

Find the perfect flower for yourself and your lover. Nothing is more romantic than making a bouquet with flowers hand-picked to represent you, your lover, and your relationship.

Valerian: Rupture, accommodating disposition

Venice Sumach: Splendor

Venus’ Car: Fly with me

Venus’ Looking-Glass: Flattery

Venus’ Trap: Deceit

Verbena: Enchantment, sensibility

Vernal Grass: Poor, but happy

Veronica: Fidelity

Vervain: Enchantment, sensibility

Vetch: I cling to you

Viburnum: I die if neglected

Violet: Faithfulness, modesty, watchfulness, I’ll always be true, let’s take a chance, calms tempers, induces sleep, happiness, simplicity, love, candor, innocence, rural happiness

Viscaria: Invitation to dance

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