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33 Meanings of Flowers Beginning with S

9 Aug

Find the perfect flower for yourself and your lover. Nothing is more romantic than making a bouquet with flowers hand-picked to represent you, your lover, and your relationship.

Part of the Flower Alphabet

Saffron: Beware of excess

Sage: Wisdom, Long life, esteem, health

Sainfoin: Agitation

Saint John’s Wort: Animosity, superstition, relaxation

Saxifrage: Affection

Salvia: I think of you

Scabious: Widdowhood, mourning

Sedum: Tranquility

Sensitive Plant: Sensitivity, bashful, modesty

Shamrock: Light heartedness

Smilax: Loveliness

Snakesfoot: Horror

Snapdragon: Presumptuous, fascination, cordial, deception, graciousness, gracious lady, strength

Snowball: Bound

Snowdrop: Consolation, hope

Sorrel: Wit ill-timed, joy, maternal tenderness

Southernwood: Jest, bantering

Spearmint: Warmth of sentiment

Speedwell: Fidelity, facility, semblance

Spider Flower: Elope with Me

Star of Bethlahem: Hope, atonement, reconciliation, purity

Statice Sinuata: Loyalty

Stephanotis: Good luck, happiness in marriage, desire to travel

Statice: Success, rememberance, sea, sympathy

Stock: happy life, contented existence, bonds of affection, promptness, you’ll always be beautiful to me, lasting beauty, contentment

Stonecrop: Tranquility

Straw: United, Union

Strawberry: Perfect goodness

Sumach: Splendor

Sunflower: Adoration, pure and lofty thoughts, gold, 3rd anniversary, Kansas, sun, warmth, happiness, longevity, dedication, dedicated love, haughtiness, loyalty, wishes, homage, devotion, pride, appreciation

Sweetbrier: Simplicity

Sweetpea: Shyness, delicate, blissful, pleasure, enchantment, good-bey, departure, thank you for a lovely time, delicate pleasure, bliss

Sweet William: Gallantry, finesse, perfection, a smile

Sycamore: Curiosity

Syringa: Memory, dissapointment

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