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11 Little Romance Tips

24 Apr

1. If your lover is going away for a few days, tell her that you are worried about them so you have organized a bodyguard to look after them.  Then give them asmall teddy bear.

2. Arrange a special day off from work.  Start with breakfast, go for a walk in the park, go shopping, have afternoon tea in a cozy cafe and finish off with aromantic dinner.

3. Go skinny dipping at a secluded lake or beach. 

4. Take a walk that you know goes past a park. Then go on the swings with your lover.

5. Go to the drive in but instead of sitting in the car, spread a picnic blanket on the ground.  Light a candle and buy popcorn.  Cuddle your lover and enjoy the film.

6. Ask your lover’s family what their favorite childhood book was. Surprise your lover by curling up in bed and reading that story to them. Then have a pajama party. 

7. When you and your lover are enjoying a restful time away, organize to wakeup early one morning and go to a scenic spot to watch the sun rise.

8. At night drive out to an open field. Lie with your backs on the car or a pick nick blanket. Just look at the stars and enjoy each others’ company. 

9. Give your lover a magic gift box.  Every month, place a new small gift in the box for them to discover.

10. If your lover is sick, take the day off to take care of them. Show up with flowers, a movie, and soup. Then cuddle up together for the rest of the day. 

11. Sneak a quick peck on the cheek when you think no one is looking. Sneak another when they are.

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