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Werewolf Romance

30 Oct

A beautiful romance between a werewolf and a girl.

Love Song For a Vampire

28 Oct

Vampires VS Werewolves

22 Oct

Witch Romance

12 Oct

A beautiful romance between witches.

Romantic Sensual Vampires

8 Oct

2 handsome vampires fighting for the love of a beautiful woman.

Vampire Fight

Unusual Romance

2 Oct

A lovely romance between two unusual people.

The Most Romantic Festival In The World

23 Sep

Loi Krathong or Yi Peng is the most romantic festival in the world. Held in Thailand, it is usually held in November. People release lanterns into the night sky. It looks like a million stars or fireflies rising into the sky. It’s so romantic that it has been featured in the Disney movie, Tangled, and on the Bachelorette.

Romantic Spanish Dance

21 Sep

A beautiful, romantic, sensual Spanish dance

Upbeat Cute Couple

8 Sep

Found this upbeat video of a very cute couple and had to share!

Somewhere, My Love

3 Sep

I found this beautiful video the other day and it captured my heart. It’s a gorgeous song from Dr. Zhivago with amazing lyrics. The video was made by a man to celebrate and honor his parents’ wedding. It’s truly beautiful.

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