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13 Meanings of Stones Beginning with M

14 Jun

Magnesite- dynamic, creative, thoughts, ideas, putting ideas into action, enlightenment, positive attitude, stop self-deceit

Magnetite- composure, grace under pressure, calm in stress, relax, open mind, learning, heart

Malachite- transformation, spirituality, healing, harmony, true love, pure love, counteracts self-destructive romantic tendencies, restoration of life, release negative emotions, protection, optimism, recovery, raises spirits, clarifies problems, freshness, prosperity, turn things around

Marble- cleansing, clarity, strength

Marcasite- success, drive, communication, strength, coping

Merlinite- magic, good luck, light, dark, black, white, darkness of soul, duality, deepness, memories, spiritual growth, communication with dead, past lives, balance between light and dark

Moldavite- purpose, greatness, connections, earth, extraterrestrial, healing, intellegence of heart, remove unhealthy attachments, vivid dreams, meaningful visions

Mookaite- deal with negative situations or energies, uncompromising strength, change, growth

Moonstone (Albite)- safe travels, balance, deepens feelings of joy and peace, attract lovers, femal, romance, fidelity, home, calm responses, avoids overreaction, feminity, intuition, psychic ability, clear thinking, inspiration, receptivity, fulfill destiny, psychic, balance, wishing, need, open spirit, love, relationships, new beginnings, self-actualization, remove obstacles, guidance, fulfillment, true destiny, acceptance, intuition, empathy

Peach Moonstone- sensuality, divinity, feminine, gentile passion, soothe emotions, calming, introspection, decision

Rainbow Moonstone- uplifting, clarity, riches

Morganite- love, empathy, patience, compassion, heals emotions, intellect, commerce actualization, patience, reverence for life, accountability, wisdom, brotherhood, listening, speaking from the heart

Mother of Pearl- good fortune, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, boisterous, June, peace

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