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13 Meanings of Stones Beginning with D

7 May

Danburite- sociability, confidence, strength

Datolite- clarity, concentration, calm nerves and mind

Desert Rose- perception, commerce, beauty, delicate beauty, reduce stress, recuperation, delicate love

Diamond- stone of purity, honest, bravery, amplify thoughts, enhancement, detoxification, protection, abundance, strengthens all other stones, April, prosperity in business, well-being, improve senses, powerful, healer, remove all emotional negativity, white light, purity, wealth, unconditional love, healing, shining soul, attain aspiration, imagination, inventiveness

Black Diamond- superiority, endings, beauty, stars, sophistication

Blue Diamond- serenity, inner-self, imagination, dreams, intuition, peace, communication, good health, spirituality, calm, luck, happy, joyful life, health, blushing bride, shy bride, tradition

Brown Diamond- earth, nature, harmony, tradition, richness, adoration, deep feelings

Champagne Diamond- nature, tradition, earth, harmony, smoothness

Clear Diamond- clarity, peace, purity, innocence, enlightenment, understanding, perfection, focuse, wholeness, honesty, fresh start

Green Diamond- wealth, nature, trust, faith, unconditional relationship, nature a relationship, harmony, balance, renewal

Orange Diamond- energy, enthusiasm, creativity, success, self-respect, innovativeness, zest for life, creativity

Pink Diamond- creativity, rarity, fancy, unconditional love, caring, tenderness, acceptance, self-worth, relax nerves, calm emotions, remove chaos, self-acceptance, affection, love, romance, art

Purple Diamond- luxury, wisdom, inspiration, inner strenght, calm nerves, imagniation, nobility, spirituality, royalty

Red Diamond- strength, true love, pure love, stability, good luck, stress-reliever, emotional well-being, confidence, power

Yellow Diamond- considerate, thoughtfullness, happiness, joy, friendship, selfless, eager, lasting relationship, self-confidence

Diopside- cathartic, heals trauma, cleansing, creativity, love, commitment, find love, find commitment, heal traumas

Dioptase- self-discovery, meditation, keep partnerships solid, relieve stress, healing

Dolomite- optimism, sports, competitions, resourcefulness, ease fear of personal failure

Dravite- enhance attractiveness, increased popularity, senses

Druzy- mystic, magic, lightness, harmony, spirit

Aqua Druzy- star dust, fairy dust, magic, mystic, lightness, harmony, spirit, flow, aid, sweetness

Green Druzy- magic, mystic, lightness, harmony, spirit, earth, peace, calm, tranquility

Rose Druzy- love, affection, fairytale romance

Dumortierite- organization, self-discipline, orderliness, reality, patience, healing minor illnesses

47 Meanings of Stones Beginning with C

8 Mar

Cacoxenite- inclusion, growth of mankind, civilization sharing, spirituality, cleansing, alignment, divine, healing, loving energy

Calcite- amplification, cleanser, gentle energy, revitalizing

Blue Calcite- psychic, travel, astrology

Cobaltoan Calcite (Sphaerocobalite)- joy, love, friends, heart, unbury emotions, enhanced awareness, body language, harmony, free communication, positivity, dispel negative energy

Gold Calcite- healing, golden ray, comfort, cheer

Green Calcite- sooth mental fear, mental clarity, sooth anxiety, calm turbulent energies, emotional balance, stress relief

Honey Calcite- persistence, intellect

Optical Clear Calcite (Iceland Spar)- clarity, insight, forgiveness clear stress, balance, calm

Orange Calcite- physical energy, expand awareness, creativity, sexuality, confidence

Mangano (Pink) Calcite- calmness, balance, remove all stress, wellbeing, empathy, health

Red Calcite- vitality

White Calcite- cleansing, healing

Calligraphy Stone (Shu Fa Stone, Botryoidal Fluorite)- pleasing, free flowing, life balance, clear thoughts, reconnection feelings

Carnelian- protection against envy, peace, stills the blood, calms the temper, banishes sorrow, find the right mate, calm fears about death, acceptance, serenity, healing, natural energy, stabilization, confidence, acceptance, vitality, creativity, steadfastness, trust in decisions, harmony, calm home

Orange- optimistic

Yellow- positive energies, motivation, luck

Cassiterite- endurance, contentment, healing

Cat’s Eye- serenity, peace, perspective discernment, insight, security

Cavansite- intuition, inner reflection, protection from disease

Celestite- sooth tension, open mind, develop awareness, cools overactive mind, relaxation

Cerrusite- confidence, communication skills

Chalcedony- calmness, composure, confidence,  brotherhood, good will, alleviate hostility, irritability and melancholy, stamina, refinement, alleviate tiredness and depression, benevolence, wisdom, decision-making, alleviates grief, intuitive guidance, nurturing, generosity, receptivity, mental acuity

Chalcopyrite- perception, cheeriness, prosperity, consiousness

Charoite- universal brotherhood, release anger, guilt, regret, renewed assertiveness, inspiration, subdues fear, integration, insight, acceptance

Chiastolite- concentration, stability

Chinese Writing Stone- validation, smooth execution

Chlorite- self-healing, regeneration, earth

Chrysanthemum Stone- dispels self-righteousness

Chrysocolla- stress relief, self-initiative, removes worries of wealth, wisdom, strength, endurance, silence, inner strength, overcome stress, sooth nervous tension, awareness, expression, complex concepts, universal perfection, well-being, perfection, re-building relationships, harmony in home

Chrysophase- presence of mind, friendship, mend broken hearts, removal of complexes, protection of children, animals, and seedlings, spiritual protector, clear perception, sooth heartache, help depression, balance, wisdom, peace, renewed passion, fertility, grace, soothing, gentle, friendly environments, spiritual protection, heal depression

Chrysotile- partnership, kindness

Cinnabar- stability, independence

Citrine- attracts wealth, strength, protection, memory, stimulation, self-confidence, wealth, emotional control, alertness, open mind, new thoughts, balance impatience and restlessness, optimism, abundance, joy, prosperity, creativity, self-expression, optimism, overcome fears phobias depression, sun, energy, fortifying energy,ease anxiety and depression, abundance, acquire wealth, maintain wealth, November, mental focus, endurance, self-esteem, digestion, improve mental and intellectual functions, energy

Colemanite- sophistication, secures loyalty

Conichalcite communication, imagination, cheerfulness, re-birth, new resolutions, strengthen resolve

Copper- money, fertility, Venus, love, beauty, art, balance, harmony, peace, receptive, magnetic, feminine, relating, kindness, gentleness, enjoyment, connection, warmth, electricity, love, sensuality, friendship, positive relationships, negotiations, peace, energy

Coral- protection for children, continuity, structure, emotional foundation, guard against violence, accidents, theft, calms emotions, harmony, childbirth, adoption, wards off bad thoughts, well-being, veracity, creativity, help travel, diplomacy, intuition, creativity, knowledge, peace, communication, tranquility

Black Coral- blood energy, remove depression

Blue Coral- ease of spirit, flowing, healing, protection

Pink Coral- harmony, heart

Red Coral- prevent ill fortune, foretell recovery from long illness, meditation, visualization, healing

Corundum- awareness, confidence

Covellite- communication skills, re-birth, renewal

Creedite- creativity, inspiration, awareness, productivity

Crocidolite- opening up, coming out of yourself, overcoming personal limits

Crocoite- concentration, commerce, sex

Cuprite- awareness, teaching skills

15 Stone Meanings Beginning with B

6 Mar

Barite- decisiveness, writing

Beryl- heart, intellect, will-power, guard against stupidity, determination, stability, lessening stress and rattled nerves

Bismuth- teamwork, learning, recovery

Black Spinel- energy, earth

Bloodstone (Heliotrope)- healing, blood healing, courage, charitability

Blue John- strength, renewal, vigor, health, well-being, feel-good

Boji Stone- healing, strength

Bornite (Peacock Ore)- charm, entertainment

Boussingaulite- inspiration, understanding, energy, strength

Bowenite- intelligence, leisure, release tension

Braunite- stability, fortitude

Bronze- strength, courage, war

Brazilianite sociability, relationships, ease nerves

Bronzite- protection, grounding, harmony, self-confidence, strength, self-esteem, masculinity, courtesy, help, acceptance, eases indecision and doubt, focused action, courtesy

Butterstone (Butter Jade, African Jade)- grounding, hope, healing, persistence, stability, essence of life, resilience, versatility

53 Meanings of Gems Beginning with A

5 Mar

Abalone- fertility, protection

Adamite- joy, creativity, enthusiasm, mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, communication with angels, inner childhood, anti-negativity, playfulness

African Jade- expressiveness, intelligence, perception

Agate- protection, strength, healing, moon, Mercury, Gemini, rich dreams, love, nature, soothing emotions, protection from bad dreams, balance, courage, self-confidence, longevity, ancient, ward off storms, ward off illness, burst of energy, truthfulness, love, courage, force, power, self-awareness, spiritual growth, intellect, stabilization

Black Agate- stress relief, protection, courage

Blue Agate- perceptiveness, inner talents

Blue Lace Agate- grace, lightheartedness, hope, harmony, optimism, positive thinking, calm mind, calm manner, calming

Botswana Agate- attentiveness to detail, understanding, recovery, recuperations, heal heart

Crazy Lace Agate- happy, laughter, inner stability, composure, maturity, warm, protection, security, self-confidence, absorbs emotional pain, decision making, focus

Dendrite Agate- long life, good health, prosperity, growth, change, prosperity

Eye Agate- ward off evil, protect sensitive lonely or easily hurt people, self-satisfaction, protection from harm

Fire Agate- energy, healing, power, protection, calming, security, safety, grounding, sexual activity, vitality, inner knowledge, problem resolutions

Golden Lace Agate- friendliness, happiness

Green Agate- forthrightness, decisiveness, memory

Moss Agate- sweetness, compatibility, healing, rain, restoration, fertility, creativity, confidence, strength, new friendship, seeking compatible lover, earth, plants, animals, cleanse emotion, release anger and frustration

Old Crazy Lace Agate- laughter, playfulness

Snakeskin Agate- strength, pleasant personality, inner peace, appreciation, joy, being alive, cheerfulness, self-love, love of life, lost in a crowd, reduce worrying, self-esteem, self-awareness, find what is lost

Tree Agate- introspection, lack of tension, protection, protection from dreams and stress, enlightens, determine true and false friends, prosperity, appreciation for nature

Turritella Agate- inner stability, protection from danger, ease fear, eliminate fatigue, remove negative energy, overcome bitter hearts

White Agate- relieve stress, protection, courage

Agna Aura- meditation, connection

Alexandrite- self, come to terms with suffering, June, soothing, calming, dispel negative energy, let go of sadness and grief, renewal, regeneration, Russia, openness to higher self, love, joy, luck

Allophane- balance, stability, sociability, protection

Almandine- attract affection, inspiration, open thinking and ideas

Amazonite- writing, communication, compassion, creativity, sense of worth, truth, integrity, honor, soothing, eloquence, clarify, improve thinking, soothing, relief from emotional disturbances and mood imbalances

Amber- no burdens, laughter, humor, unconditional love, romantic love, purification, wisdom, energy, balance, patience, success, healing, protection from negativity, attractiveness, energy, good luck, make wearer magnetic, full enjoyment, appealing traits

Amesite- improve intuition, good fortune, boundless positive energy, recuperation

Amethyst- sincerity, peace of mind, intuition, sensitivity, power, thoughts, self-control, inner truth, trust, emotional integration, nobility, spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, inner peace, mind quieting, healing, positive transformations, calm, attain wisdom, mind, clarity, sobriety, vivid dreams, relieves depression, calm, serenity, spirituality, help with addiction and stress, February, spiritual, contentment, sincerity, stability, peaceful strength, calm, lovingness

Ametrine- meditation, tension tamer, positive thoughts, no prejudice, concentration, intuition, growth, maturity, confidence, soothing, inner harmony, needs, wishes, healing, creative energy

Andalusite- moderation, enlightenment, memory, sight, balance, centering, meditation

Angel Aura- purification, joy, optimism, light, personal purpose, higher knowledge, angels

Angelite- bravery, fortune, healing

Anhydrite- soft energy, clear negative energy, coordination, concentration

Antimony- intellect, progress

Apatite- stone of the future, communication, intellect, focus, learning, concentration, clarity, ideas, unconditional love, overcome sadness and grief, blend old and new, healing, rid of guilt and grief, coordination, strength, inspiration, humanitarian, social ease, clear confusion and frustration, peace

Apophyllite- tranquility, honesty, clear

Aqua Aura- heart, aid suffering from emotional traumas, ease inner emotional tension, meditation, dexterity

Aquamarine- stone of courage, safe sailing, love of married couples, healing, grief healing, calm, sight, sharpness of mind, calm, clarity of emotion, March, insight, memories, courage, release of anxiety and fear, soothe, calm, alleviate fears, relaxation, long journeys, protect sailors, insight, mental clarity

Aragonite- grounding, centering, truth, reality, nurturing, truth, light feelings, stability, understanding, clear perception, energy, activity, spirituality, confidence, reduce stress, grounding, help in stress, stabilization

Blue Aragonite- emotional perception, joy, calm emotions, intensify enjoyment, remove feeling unwanted, feel emotions

Astrophyllite- confidence, intellect, insight, recovery

Atacamite- fertility

Atlantis Stone (larimar, dolphin stone)- healing, feminine powers, sooth emotions, respect, love nurturing, pregnancy, new motherhood, relieve depression and stress

Atlantasite- peace to environment, lower stress, spirituality, thinking before speeking

Augelite contemplation, justice

Auricalcite- harmony, vitality, calm, ease high anxiety, help with nervous breakdowns, relaxations

Aventurine (Adventurine)- success, luck, opportunities, joy, prosperity, good luck, financial luck, creativity, intelligence, perception, healing, well-being, courage, strong leadership, compassion, perseverance

Green Aventurine- leadership

Red Aventurine- safe space, creativity, possibilities, positive feelings, prosperity

Peach Aventurine- creativity

Axinite- truth, reveal inner truth, avoid struggles and conflict, harmonize emotions, vitality, grounding, stamina, hard working

Azurite/Malachite- flexibility, psychic, meditation, development, powerful, spirituality, heavens, clarity, perspective, change fear and sadness to insight and guidance, transformation, inner vision, adventure, risk taking, vision, deeper feelings, unconditional love, healing, female fertility

25 Engagement Rings

4 Mar

While we’ve Read  and Viewed Romantic Proposals (including Seeing and Photographing more Valentine’s Day Proposals,) we haven’t gone into the rings! Engagement rings are becoming more beautiful and varied every day. The stones now have meaning and value. But how do you know the right stone or metal to pick? We’ll be delving into the world of gems with the 26 Romantic Meanings Of Metals and Stones to make sure you have the right match! This will not only be great for engagement rings, but for any meaningful jewelry- rings, necklaces, bracelets- anything!


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