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Kate Middleton’s Wedding Flowers

28 Aug

You can use the meanings of flowers to decide on that perfect bouquet for your lover. Or pick out the perfect meaning for your wedding flowers. Princess Kate Middleton did. Kate Middleton’s flowers consisted of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William, and hyacinth.  Shane Connolly, who was in charge of the flowers said that the bouquet was meant to mean love, romance, and fidelity.

“One of the things that has been very important to Catherine and to me are the meanings of flowers and the language of flowers,” said Connolly, “We’ve tried, especially in the wedding bouquets, which you’ll see on the day, we’ve tried very much to make beautiful stories.”

To make your bouquet tell the perfect story, see the Alphabet of Flowers


31 Flowers Beginning with L

25 Jul

Find the perfect flower for yourself and your lover. Nothing is more romantic than making a bouquet with flowers hand-picked to represent you, your lover, and your relationship.

Part of the Flower Alphabet

Lady’s Slipper: Capricious beauty, win me

Lamb’s-Ears: Support

Lantana: Rigour

Larkspur: Beautiful spirit, fickleness, open heart, ardent attachment, levity, lightness, July, first love

Laurel: Ambition, success, renown, glory

Laurestine: A token

Lavender: Distrust, devotion, constancy, ardent attachment, happiness, success, luck, relaxation

Leatherleaf Fern: Fascination

Lemon blossom: Discretion, zest, faithful love

Lemon Balm: Brings love

Lemon verbena: attracts the opposite sex

Lichen: Solitude

Lilac: First Love, youthful innocence, memories, first emotion of love, 8th anniversary, New Hampshire, hardiness, harbinger of spring, do you still love me, youth, acceptance, my first dream of love, humility, confidence

Lily: purity, high-souled aspirations, desire, passion, keeps away unwanted visitors, May, sacredness, 3th anniversary, innocence after death, majesty, wealth, pride, innocence, purity

Lily (Calla): Regal, beauty, majestic beauty

Lily (Casablanca): Celebration

Lily (Day): enthuiasm, coquetry, mother

Lily (Eucharis): Maiden charms

Lily (Orange): Hatred, disdain, wealth, pride, flame, I burn for you

Lily (Peruvian): Friendship, devotion

Lily (Stargazer): Ambition, sympathy, wealth, prosperity

Lily (Tiger): Wealth, pride

Lily (White): Virginity, purity, majesty, it’s heavenly to be with you, chastity, virtue, Virgin Mary’s purity

Lily (Yellow): I’m walking on air, false, gay (happy)

Lily of the Valley: Sweetness, humility, happiness, trustworthy, return to happiness, 2nd anniversary, tears of the Virgin Mary, you’ve made my life complete, love’s good fortune, protection from evil spirits, May, loss

Lime blossom: sex

Lisianthus: Calming, outgoing nature, appreciation

Lobelia: Malevolence

Lotus: Purity, castity, eloquence, mystery, truth, estranged love

Love Lies Bleeding: Hopelessness

Love-In-The-Mist: Delicacy, perplexity

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