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11 Romantic New Years Kisses

31 Dec

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Romance by Betweenhearts75

18 Feb


Let me romance your soul,
in the flickering of candlelight.
Soft music and dinner,
welcoming you into the night.
Let me romance your soul.
Read to you, some poetry.
Soft kisses, the touch of my hand,
showing what you mean to me.
Let me romance your soul,
give to you a piece of my heart.
An oil painting meant for you,
for you inspire the passions held in art.
Let me romance your soul,
with soft spoken words I say.
Soft kisses, the touch of my hand,
welcoming you into the light of day.


This beautiful poem can be viewed at: http://betweenhearts75.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/romance-poem


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