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12 Meanings of Stones Beginning with H

14 May

Halite- heart, sun, self-love, clean, end unhealthy habits, relationships, completion, spiritual energy, cleanse heart of emotional wounds, positive action

Helidor- communication skills, compassion, sympathetic

Hematite- mind, reduce stress, balance, happiness, grounding, calm, sooth, sleep, balance, focus, freedom, memory, creative thinking, peace, loving relationship

Hemimorphite- communicate inner feelings, heal unhealthy relationships, compassion, connections, inner strength, energy, completing projects till the end

Herderite- exploration, leadership, passion, balance erratic and emotional behavior

Herkimer Diamond- release stress and tension, boost other crystals, learning, energy, stamina, vigor, strong

Heulandite- approachability, balance

Hickoryite- imagination, adventure, flair, decrease boredom, decrease negativity, new ideas, artists, designers, boost, innovative thinking

Hiddenite (Kunzite)- vigor, smooth emotions, protection, support, emotions

Hornblende- wisdom, communication, balance

Howlite- eliminates rudeness, anger, critical and offensiveness, aids against procrastination, tact, decency, comfort, memory, express emotion calmly, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, quiet, sooth, calm, gentleness, patience, resilience, competition, victory, meditation, peace, stress relief, calm overactive mind, sleep, dispel anger critical and selfishness

Hypersthene- self-esteem, emotional expression, ease, social situations, relieve shyness, alerness, clear expression, calming, ground, protection

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