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18 Meanings of Stones Beginning with G

13 May

Galena- self-confidence, pride, success, imagination, enthusiasm

Garnet- passionate devotion, stimulate senses, vitality, stamina, good luck, business, balance, protective, confidence, security, January, appeal, magnetism, creativity, sleep, commitment, love, hope in difficult times, let go of old ideas, clarity, success, energize

Goethite- resolve, competition, winning

Pyrope- stone of constancy, stone of commitment, stone of health, sense of rootedness, stops enemies from fighting, passionate love, fidelity, devotion, romantic love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, career success, popularity, self-confidence

Grossuralite- purification, we will meet again

Hessonite- creativity

Rhodolite- meditation, intuition, love

Spessartite- contentment, roots, home, will power, self-esteem, popularity

Gold- sun, East, shining, dawn, riches, ruler ship, truth, center, core, importance, masculinity, authority, self-confidence, creativity, riches, investments, fortune, hope, magical power, inner-strength, warmth, classic, style, luxury, tradition, warmth, richness, prestige, perfection, wealth, prestige, power, significance, status, generosity, partnership, confidence

Green Gold- life, eternity, growth, wealth, protection, eternal marriage

Rose Gold- beauty, love, purity, heart, adoration, youth, blooming

White Gold- purity, eternal, light, divine, union

Goldstone- illuminates spirit, uplifting, reduce tension, optimism, development

Goshenite- cleanser, composure, self-control, aid in stressful situations, stabilize relationship

Granite- stabilizing, determined, steadiness

Graphite- assertiveness, achievement, goals

Grossularite- calming, ease fear of hostility from others

Gypsum- insight, assurance

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