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6 More Kindle 99 Cent Romance Novels

18 Jun

A continuation of 6 Best 99 Cents Kindle Romance Novels– for more interesting, romantic reading.

A Kiss To Die For by Claudia Dain

Bounty hunter Jack Skull is on the trail of a killer working the old Abilene Trail, tracking him north from Texas to Kansas. Jack has been tracking him through the dust and the desolation of lonely miles, determined to catch the man who kills pretty, lonely women, women who fall under the spell of a man’s lying promises.
Jack rides into Abilene, a hard man on a cold trail, and Abilene, a town grown peaceful since the herds have moved west, just wants him gone. Jack looks like trouble, and Jack is trouble for Anne, who takes one look at him and falls hard.
The trouble with Jack is, he knows he’s no good for Anne. The trouble with Anne is, she wants what’s no good for her. Anne is tired of living such a careful, proper life. Anne wants a taste of the kind of rugged danger that Jack represents. Jack, a drifter, wants the brand of home and family that Anne is sick to death of.
They’ve got nothing in common, but the trouble is, they’re hungry for each others’ kisses. With a murderer on the loose and Jack distracted by Anne, it could be a kiss to die for.

No More Lies by Mona Risk

A lie that brings a smile… or the truth that draws tears?
Dr. Olivia Crane lives a quiet life. No one questions why she doesn’t socialize or where she spends every weekend.
When the visiting physician from France strolls into her office, with open arms and a confident smile, her perfect control is about to crumble.
Good God, he can’t be Dr. Luc George, the man she loved ten years ago? Should she return his scorching kisses, or should she lock her door before he digs into her many secrets?
Secret daughter, secret friend, secret enemy. Had Luc really known his sweet Olivia back then? He wants her back, but he wants the truth, too. Now, Olivia has to face her past before she can grab her second chance.

The Enemy’s Son by Kristin James

Cora discovers her father is in trouble… and the only person who can help her is the enemy’s son, Nick Holloway.
Her father couldn’t have stolen a million dollars, so how is he going to replace it? In one week?
Nick is ordered to take Cora out into the wilderness to a remote cabin to keep her father in line. He claims he wants to help Cora and says he’s deceiving the Hollways to keep her safe…but what if he’s playing both sides? He could be using her attraction to him against her. Cora can’t allow herself to trust Nick, no matter how sexy he is.
Nick isn’t the only one offering to help. Alexander Pierce could scare the devil but he can also track down anyone in a day. He warns Cora that if she wants to find her father alive, he’s the way. Is it possible both Nick and Alexander have secret feelings for her? With her dad’s life on the line, she might have to play her own little game.
Soon she’s running from her feelings for Nick, running from creepy Alexander and the rest of the Holloways, and trying to find her father somewhere in the city of Eugene. To make matters worse, everyone thinks she has access to the missing money.
The clock is ticking…

Neighbors and More by Mona Risk

Neighbors and More is a romantic suspense, and the first book of the High Rise Series.
High Rises are like large families where members face love, hate, meddling, and gossiping. When the neighbor who was harassing her is found dead in the Jacuzzi, Alexa is a prime suspect. Can she count on her dear neighbors, including the delectable Italian, Dante, for help? With too many skeletons in their own closets, would they save Alexa or incriminate her?

More than Memories by Kristin James

Can she love him if she can’t remember him? Molly Anderson returns “home” to a town she doesn’t remember, hoping it will spark a memory. She runs into Trent Williams, a Ridge City police detective, and something else definitely sparks.
He wants to know why she left town, with her parents, but without a word to anyone. She doesn’t remember that life. She can only tell him she knew her parents briefly before they died . . . or were murdered, she’s not sure. She hopes regaining her memory will help answer that question.
Trent has his own secrets, but they have a mystery to solve. As they work together and Molly meets their old friends, she realizes their relationship went deeper than memories. In fact, she grew up in Ridge City, even though her parents had said they lived there just a few years. How could she have forgotten her lifelong friend and love? Can she love him again if she doesn’t remember him? There’s also the possibility that she did something awful — and maybe that’s why she’s afraid to remember her old life.
Molly knows she wants him now, but the truth might destroy their love.

To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield by Bronwen Evans

Top 5 Finalist in the Kindle Book Review Indie Romance Book of the Year 2012.Let the Wicked Wagers Begin…
Lady Caitlin Southall’s temper has finally got the better of her. She’s challenged Harlow Telford, the Duke of Dangerfield, the most notorious rake in all of England, to a wager. She wants her house back. The one her destitute father lost to Dangerfield in a card game. But if she doesn’t win their bet, she not only loses her home, she loses her dignity and pride and damn it all, maybe her heart… For the handsome Duke has decreed, when he wins, she must spend the night in his bed.
Harlow Telford is amused by his hellion neighbor, Caitlin, or Cate to her friends, who seem to encompass everyone on earth except him. When she bursts into one of his private gatherings, he mistakes her for the entertainment. Her slap across his face sets him straight and raises the absurd desire to seduce the unconventional beauty into his bed. When she issues her daft challenge to win back her father’s pile of rubble, the terms are set. And he’ll do anything to win–except fall in love…

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Bonnie and Clyde

23 May

69 years ago today Bonnie and Clyde died an epic death. Lovers in life and lovers in death, their romantic story captured hearts around the world. Their adventures and relationship create a titillating story as fantastic as something from a book or legend. Bonnie was a sweet, well-educated girl of 18 when she met Clyde. Though Clyde was also 18, he had already had many run-ins with the law. He had a sporadic education, a rebellious nature, a love for playing saxophone music, and a charming air. Clyde was visiting a girlfriend when he saw Bonnie cooking in the kitchen. Bonnie and Clyde fell in love the moment they saw each other.

Bonnie found out about Clyde’s problems with the law when the police came to arrest him. He was sentenced to two years in prison. Bonnie visited every day and eventually managed to smuggle him a gun and he escaped that night. Clyde was caught and imprisoned again. Since he was too far away to visit, Bonnie and Clyde constantly wrote to each other. When Clyde got out, thanks to his mother’s pleas, he tried to clean up his act, but found it impossible. He returned to Bonnie to continue their life together, in a stolen car. They were chased, and while Clyde got away, Bonnie was caught and spent several months in prison. She whiled away the time by writing poetry. No matter what happened, how many people Clyde killed, Bonnie always stuck by his side, wildly in love with her man.

Bonnie and Clyde traveled the country, robbing, killing, getting shot, and loving each other passionately. The couple fascinated the newspapers, who published their stories. The articles captures the interests and hearts of people across the country in these hard times. The couple was found even more endearing when someone found some film and developed it- to discover that it was pictures of the rebellious couple.

One time Bonnie and Clyde stole a car. The owner saw it and chased after them in a friend’s car with her in it. The car chase ended when the owner of the car realized that they would never be able to catch up to the wild, gutsy criminals. The rebels took the owner of the car and his friend in the stolen car and drove while with them, Bonnie holding a gun to them. Bonnie told them that she would have shot their captives if they weren’t so likable. Bonnie asked the owner of the stolen car what he did for his profession. When he answered undertaker, Bonnie laughed and said that he’d probably see her again soon.

Bonnie and Clyde drove off a bridge. Clyde and one of their associates escaped, but Bonnie was pinned under the car when it caught fire. Locals called the police helped her from the burning wreckage. The police were overpowered by the Barrow gang. Clyde carried Bonnie into a car and loaded the police in as well and drove off. The cops were later released. The thieves ran into more trouble as members of the Barrow gang were shot and Clyde was in another car accident while trying to escape. Bonnie’s leg would be deformed for the rest of her short life since they couldn’t risk getting proper medical attention.

Bonnie and Clyde wanted to visit their parents. On their way there they were ambushed and shot at. Though both were hit in the leg, they managed to run away. Law officers begin to harass Bonnie and Clyde’s families, hoping for information on where the couple are. A special agent is hired to track Bonnie and Clyde.

One of the Barrow Gang’s member’s father sided with the police and helped them set a trap for Bonnie and Clyde. Officers waited for the couple with armor-piercing bullets. In the morning the couple approached in a stolen car. They were told to give up. They reached for their guns. The police started shooting. Clyde was shot in the head and killed. Bonnie screamed as she watched her lover die. She would not mourn long. 167 bullets shot through the car, killing Bonnie. 50 bullets passed through the bodies of Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie was 23. Clyde was 24.

Though Bonnie and Clyde wished to be buried together, Bonnie’s parents wouldn’t have it. Over 20,000 people came to see Bonnie buried. Clyde was buried next to his brother under a stone with a quote he chose, “Gone but not forgotten.”

“The Story of Suicide: The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde.”

By Bonnie Parker

We, each of us, have a good alibi
For being down here in the joint;
But few of them are really justified,
If you get right down to the point.
You have heard of a woman’s glory
Being spent on a downright cur.
Still you can’t always judge the story
As true being told by her.
As long as I stayed on the island
And heard confidence tales from the gals,
There was only one interesting and truthful,
It was the story of Suicide Sal.
Now Sal was a girl of rare beauty,
Though her features were somewhat tough,
She never once faltered from duty,
To play on the up and up.
Sal told me this tale on the evening
Before she was turned out free,
And I’ll do my best to relate it,
Just as she told it to me.
I was born on a ranch in Wyoming,
Not treated like Helen of Troy,
Was taught that rods were rulers,
And ranked with greasy cowboys. . . .
You’ve read the story of Jesse James
Of how he lived and died
If you’re still in need of something to read
Here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.
Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow Gang,
I’m sure you all have read
how they rob and steal and those who squeal
are usually found dying or dead.
There’s lots of untruths to these write-ups
They’re not so ruthless as that
Their nature is raw, they hate all law
Stool pigeons, spotters, and rats.
They call them cold-blooded killers
They say they are heartless and mean
But I say this with pride, I once knew Clyde
When he was honest and upright and clean.
But the laws fooled around and taking him down
and locking him up in a cell
‘Til he said to me, “I’ll never be free,
So I’ll meet a few of them in hell.”
The road was so dimly lighted
There were no highway signs to guide
But they made up their minds if all roads were blind
They wouldn’t give up ’til they died.
The road gets dimmer and dimmer
Sometimes you can hardly see
But it’s fight man to man, and do all you can
For they know they can never be free.
From heartbreak some people have suffered
From weariness some people have died
But all in all, our troubles are small
‘Til we get like Bonnie and Clyde.
If a policeman is killed in Dallas
And they have no clue or guide
If they can’t find a fiend, just wipe the slate clean
And hang it on Bonnie and Clyde.
There’s two crimes committed in America
Not accredited to the Barrow Mob
They had no hand in the kidnap demand
Nor the Kansas City Depot job.
A newsboy once said to his buddy
“I wish old Clyde would get jumped
In these hard times we’s get a few dimes
If five or six cops would get bumped.”
The police haven’t got the report yet
But Clyde called me up today
He said, “Don’t start any fights, we aren’t
working nights, we’re joining the NRA.”
From Irving to West Dallas viaduct
Is known as the Great Divide
Where the women are kin, and men are men
And they won’t stool on Bonnie and Clyde.
If they try to act like citizens
And rent a nice flat
About the third night they’re invited to fight
By a sub-gun’s rat-tat-tat.
They don’t think they’re tough or desperate
They know the law always wins
They’ve been shot at before, but they do not ignore
That death is the wages of sin.
Some day they’ll go down together
And they’ll bury them side by side
To few it’ll be grief, to the law a relief
But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

6 Best 99 Cents Kindle Romance Novels

28 Nov

Aching for a good, rich romance without breaking the bank? There’s no need to worry! Amazon offers a lot of cheep romantic novels with rich plots along with romance and intrigue. Here are some of the best ones out there. The pieces are short respite against the serious, often dreary world. It will give you a wonderful chance to revitalize your hope and love.

Click the title for the link to the book and click the author for a link to the author.

The Russian Intrigue by Lily Margeret

The Russian Intrigue (Russian Romances)

A short piece about a girl who fell in love at first sight and has found it hard to forget through time and a fiance. A Russian man can’t help but find himself intrigued by a mysterious romantic novel heroin and the author.

Lily Margeret seems mostly interested in Russian romances. They’re short, but are fun reads to escape into long-lived fantasies. All her books are 99 cents.

This book have you interested in More Russian Romance?

Her Greek Romance by Mona Risk

Her Greek Romance

A smart, female lawyer goes head-to-head with a devastatingly handsome Greek man. Though family ties try to keep them apart, passion is there- pushing them back together.

Mona Risk is fun because she plays with different situations and men with different origins.

Craving more Greek Romance?

Secrets in Mourning by Janelle Daniels

Secrets in Mourning (Scandals & Secrets - Book 3)

Secrets in Mourning is perfect for people into time-period pieces. It’s about a young woman who has recently been widowed and finds herself imprisoned with a bitter woman and deeply in love with her belated husband’s nephew.

Janelle Daniels has written 3 novels, but this is the only 99 cent one, so it is the only one included in the list.

Right Name Wrong Man by Mona Risk

Right Name, Wrong Man

Right Name Wrong Man is another good novel to indulge your fantasies of going after the man who got away in school. Though Mary-Beth is engaged she cannot forget the handsome French man she once knew. She decides to peruse her heart and travels to France to find him.

The book got you hungering for more French Romance In Your Life?

The Russian Affair by Lily Margeret

The Russian Affair (Russian Romances)

The Russian Affair is a risque story about a love-triangle between an American woman and 2 very handsome Russian brothers when she flies to Moscow to escape her normal life for something new.

In The Garden of Temptation by Cynthia Wicklund

In the Garden of Temptation (The Garden Series Book 1)

A novel about romance clashing with morals and honor. It’s a time-period piece about love, affairs, honor, and betrayal. It’s a good novel to read for twists and turns and surprises.

While Cynthia’s first 2 books in the series are 99 cents, the 3rd is 2.99, so keep that in mind when you begin the series.

Werewolf Romance

30 Oct

A beautiful romance between a werewolf and a girl.

Romantic Sensual Vampires

8 Oct

2 handsome vampires fighting for the love of a beautiful woman.

Vampire Fight

Unusual Romance

2 Oct

A lovely romance between two unusual people.

Romantic Spanish Dance

21 Sep

A beautiful, romantic, sensual Spanish dance

2 for 1: Two In Love With One

17 Aug

Who doesn’t want to have two men vying for their affections? Especially two such handsome men?

Great Lovers’ Day: 11 Greatest Lovers

2 Apr

It’s Great Lovers’ Day! In case you forgot the card: http://www.123greetings.com/events/great_lovers_day/

May your lover be the one or may you soon find your great lover.

11. Tristan and Isolde

Tristan and Isolde is an old Celtic myth. It was rewritten and many consider it part of the Arthurian legends. Tristan was wounded in a fight with a giant. The princess of Ireland, Isolde, took pity on him and healed him. She had the most beautiful golden hair in the world. Tristan returned home, with his uncle, King Mark. One day a bird flying by dropped a lock of golden hair. King Mark declared that he would marry the woman whose hair that was. Tristan recognized the hair and said he would go and fetch Isolde for Mark. Isolde’s parents agreed to the marriage. Isolde’s mother thought there might be trouble, so she gave Isolde’s maid a magic love potion to give Isolde on the wedding night. On the ship to Mark’s kingdom Tristan grew thirsty and drank the love potion and gave some to Isolde. They fell madly in love. Isolde could not break her word to Mark so she married him. On the wedding night she sent to maid to sleep with the king instead of herself. The lovers met in secret for many years until the king found them while they were sleeping. The king could not bring himself to kill them so he replaced Tristan’s sword with his own so they would know he knew. Tristan and Isolde were wrought with guilt and agreed to never meet again. Tristan sent himself into exile. He married a woman, Isuelt, because she reminded him of Isolde. He was unhappy in his marriage and would occasionally return to see Isolde. A war broke out in the kingdom. Tristan was badly wounded. He sent for Isolde to heal him. If the ship returned with white sails Isolde was on board and would heal him. If the ship had black sails she refused. Isuelt saw the white sails and grew jealous. She told Tristan that the sails were black. Tristan killed himself by throwing himself on his sword. When Isolde learned of Tristan’s death she died of a broken heart.

10. Napoleon and Josephine

Napoleon and Josephine’s marriage was originally out of convenience. As they lived together their passion grew. They were known for being devoted and passionate lovers. When Josephine could not bear Napoleon an heir they were forced to separate and remarry. Their passion and love continued throughout the rest of their lives, despite their seperation.

I awake all filled with you. Your image and the intoxicating pleasures of last night, allow my senses no rest.

Sweet and matchless Josephine, how strangely you work upon my heart.

Are you angry with me? Are you unhappy? Are you upset?

My soul is broken with grief and my love for you forbids repose. But how can I rest any more, when I yield to the feeling that masters my inmost self, when I quaff from your lips and from your heart a scorching flame?

Yes! One night has taught me how far your portrait falls short of yourself!

You start at midday: in three hours I shall see you again.

Till then, a thousand kisses, mio dolce amor! but give me none back for they set my blood on fire.

9. Anthony and Cleopatra

You could say Cleopatra had a thing for Italians since she had a son with Julius Caesar. Mark Anthony was married to a woman in Rome. Rome was in a long, expensive war. Anthony knew Egypt was rich and decided to ask for some finances. Cleopatra was ruling with her half brother and wanted him dead. She appeared to Anthony on a golden barge, dressed in her finest to look like Venus, the goddess of love. The two agreed on helping each other and within a week they were lovers. They were married. They had a passionate marriage. The Romans were unhappy with Anthony’s new wife and plotted against him. In Rome, Anthony’s wife led a rebellion against Octavius, the ruler, in an attempt to bring Anthony home. The rebellion failed but Anthony decided to return to Rome. Cleopatra was pregnant and begged Anthony not to go. Anthony couldn’t stay and left. Octavius forced Anthony to marry Octavius’s sister. Cleopatra was angry with Anthony’s new marriage. She bore Anthony’s twins, a boy and a girl. Anthony could not stay away from Cleopatra long and returned to Egypt. At this point Cleopatra was queen of Egypt. Octavius was furious, since Anthony had left while Octavius’s sister was ill and expecting Anthony’s son. Octavius spread rumors and lies about Anthony and Cleopatra. Rome attacked Egypt. Anthony fought bravely. Octavius devised a plot. He had a messenger tell Anthony that Cleopatra was dead.  Broken hearted Anthony threw himself on his sword and died. The war was lost. When Cleopatra heard of Anthony’s death she mourned deeply. At Anthony’s funeral Octavius told Cleopatra that he would parade her in the streets of Rome in shame. Proud and broken hearted, Cleopatra had some poisonous snakes snuck into her room. She was bitten and died.

8. Guinevere and Lancelot

Guinevere was married to King Aurthur. Their marriage had a lot of respect and caring. But that did not compare to the passion Guinevere felt for the knight, Lancelot. Lancelot was Arthur’s most trusted right-hand man.  At first the two tried to resist their love, for the love of their king. But passion and true love could not be stopped. They became devoted lovers. Lancelot carried a lock of Guinevere’s hair wherever he went. The two felt guilty for their betrayal against Arthur. They tried to keep their affair secret but other knights began to suspect. One knight spoke out against the two. Lancelot challenged him to a fight of honor. Lancelot cut the knight’s head in two. More knights began to suspect as the lovers struggled to keep their passions secret. A group of knights charged into a bedroom with the lovers intertwined. Lancelot managed to escape, killing several knights. Guinevere was captured and sentenced to death.  The queen was burning at the stake when Lancelot rescued her and rode off with her on his horse. That was the end of the round table. Consumed by guilt Guinevere entered into a nunnery, where she died. Lancelot became a hermit.

7. Paris and Helen of Troy

Helen was the most beautiful woman in the world. When she became of marrying age many kings and suitors came for her hand. She was married to Menelaus, King of Sparta. Paris, prince of Troy was visiting Sparta and saw Helen. He instantly fell in love with her. He abducted Helen, took her to Troy, and married her. Menelaus was furious and wanted his wife back. He sent armies to attack Troy. The war lasted for 9 years. Near the end of the war Paris was mortally wounded. Paris knew that only one person could save his life- Oenone, his ex girlfriend. Helen traveled to Oenone was angry with Paris for leaving her for Helen and refused. Helen rushed back to be with Paris as he died. Some say Helen was taken back to Sparta, others that the gods carried her to Mount Olympus, and others that the Spartans hung her from a tree.

6. Greg and Jenny

These two fell in love in high school. Greg’s ex girlfriend, Liza tries her hardest to make sure that Greg and Jenny can never be together. Liza even makes sure that Jenny cannot win contests, hoping to make Jenny look smaller in Greg’s eyes. All this fails and Greg tells Jenny he wants to marry her. Liza threatens to tell Greg Jenny’s secret about her father. Jenny leaves Greg and runs away to New York City. Greg follows Jenny to New York City and they are reunited. Greg falls and becomes paralyzed from the waist down. He doesn’t want to keep Jenny down so he breaks up with her and tells her to go to New York City and to become a model. Jenny becomes engaged to another model, Tony. Greg manages to walk again and runs to New York to win Jenny back. Jenny breaks off her engagement and marries Greg instead. Tony is furious and decides to have Greg murdered. Tony wires Greg’s jet ski to explode. At the last moment Jenny and Greg switch jet skis and Jenny is killed. Greg never fully recovers from the loss of Jenny.

5. Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler

The charming Rhett Butler takes a shining to Scarlett O’Hara from the first moment he sees her. Rhett’s unpredictability infuriates Scarlett. They dance back and forth in passion but Scarlett refuses to give into Rhett’s love. Rhett manages to convince Scarlett to marry him for convenience and they have a little girl together, Bonnie. Rhett becomes frustrated with Scarlett and leaves for Europe with Bonnie. Neither Bonnie nor Rhett can stay away from the beautiful Scarlett so they return. Scarlett nearly dies from falling down the stairs during a fight. She calls out for Rhett in her illness. Rhett is not allowed to see her so she feels slighted. The two are driven even more far apart at the death of Bonnie. By the time Scarlett realizes that she loves Rhett and wants to be with him, it is too late, and he is gone. Scarlett decides that she will find Rhett and be with him, no matter what.

4. Dr. Zhivago and Laura

Yuri Zhivago is a married medical officer stationed in a small town. He falls in love with a beautiful woman, Laura. Laura is married to a missing soldier. She has come to the town in an attempt to find him, leaving her daughter at home. Yuri is mesmerized by Laura but returns to his wife and son in Moscow. There is no food or firewood in Moscow so the family moves to an estate in the country. Yuri goes to a nearby town and runs into Laura. They have a passionate love affair for two months. Yuri feels guilty and breaks it off with Laura. On his way home to tell his wife he is captured by an army and forced to be a medical doctor. Yuri is forced to remain in the army until the end of the war. Once it is over Yuri returns to Laura. He remains with her for several months. Laura’s husband returns and says that he knows of a place to keep everyone safe. Yuri tricks Laura into going to safety with her daughter while he remains behind. He returns to Moscow and begins a life with a new woman, has two children, but can never forget Laura. He lives like this for many years. One day on his way to work he has a heart attack. Laura attends the funeral and is utterly heart broken. She dies in a gulag- a Russian concentration camp.  Later friends of Yuri find Yuri and Laura’s daughter working as a laundry girl.

The great love story inspired a song well-known around the world for its romance.

3. Edward and Vivian

Edward is a wealthy lawyer visiting LA. He picks up a beautiful prostitute, Vivian. He instantly likes her fun personality and offers to pay her to stay the week. He gives her jewelry and beautiful clothing. Edward takes her to fancy dinners, the opera, and other events, showing her off to his friends and colleagues. The two fall deeply in love. One of Edward’s colleagues, Phillip, finds out who Vivian is. He is angry and thinks Vivian is getting in Edward’s way. Phillip hits Vivian and tries to rape her. Edward comes to Vivian’s rescue. Vivian leaves. Edward chases after her, arriving at her home with roses and a limo. He climbs up the fire escape to rescue her and whisk her away to a better life.

2. Disney

Disney is the best for making beautiful romance and lovers. They’re always deeply in love and always end up together and live happily ever after.

1. Romeo and Juliet

Juliet is promised to be married. Romeo and Juliet’s families were in a feud. Despite the danger, Romeo attends a party at Juliet’s house. They fall in love at first sight. They speak briefly and fall deeper in love. Romeo cannot stand to leave Juliet and remains in the garden, under he balcony. They exchange vows of love. Romeo and Juliet are secretly married. Romeo enters into a duel with Juliet’s cousin and kills him. Juliet remains faithful to her lover and they spend the night together to consummate their marriage. In the morning Romeo must leave, not knowing if they’ll see each other again. Juliet’s engagement is pushed forward so that it will be in a couple days. Juliet goes to the friar that married her to Romeo for advice. She is given a potion to take the night before her wedding that will make her seem dead. Her family will put her in the crypt and she will be rescued by Romeo. Juliet came home to find that her marriage was pushed forward to the next day. Juliet takes the potion that night. Romeo does not get the friar’s message that Juliet only took a potion and thinks that Juliet is dead. Romeo goes to Juliet’s body and takes poison so that he dies beside her. Juliet wakes up. She is distraught to see her dead lover before her. She tries to kiss the poison from his lips. When this doesn’t kill her she stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger.

Day 9 of 14 Days of Valentines

9 Feb

Date of the Day: Make a bonfire outside and warm yourselves with it underneath the softly falling snow.

Gift of the Day: A photo of the two of you together in a beautiful, personal picture frame.

Quote of the Day:

Everything is clearer when you’re in love.

John Lennon

Photo of the Day:

Tip of the Day: Hug your partner from behind next time they are brushing their teeth.

Video of the Day:

Love letter of the Day:

To Adele Foucher

My dearest,
When two souls, which have sought each other for,
however long in the throng, have finally found each other …a union, fiery and pure as they themselves are… begins on earth and continues forever in heaven.

This union is love, true love, … a religion, which deifies the loved one, whose life comes from devotion and passion, and for which the greatest sacrifices are the sweetest delights.

This is the love which you inspire in me… Your soul is made to love with the purity and passion of angels; but perhaps it can only love another angel, in which case I must tremble with apprehension.

Yours forever,
Victor Hugo (1821)

Poem of the Day:

Wondrous Moment

The wondrous moment of our meeting . . .
I well remember you appear
Before me like a vision fleeting,
A beauty’s angel pure and clear.

In hopeless ennui surrounding
The worldly bustle, to my ear
For long your tender voice kept sounding,
For long in dreams came features dear.

Time passed. Unruly storms confounded
Old dreams, and I from year to year
Forgot how tender you had sounded,
Your heavenly features once so dear.

My backwoods days dragged slow and quiet-
Dull fence around, dark vault above-
Devoid of God and uninspired,
Devoid of tears, of fire, of love.

Sleep from my soul began retreating,
And here you once again appear
Before me like a vision fleeting,
A beauty’s angel pure and clear.

In ecstasy the heart is beating,
Old joys for it anew revive;
Inspired and God-filled, it is greeting
The fire, and tears, and love alive.

Alexander Pushkin

Valentine’s Day Story:

In 1957 I was a young Marine stationed at El Toro MCAS in Southern California. I had grown up in Burbank and would go home on weekends. I was head over heels in love with the most beautiful girl in the San Fernando Valley. However duty called and I was sent overseas. Due to difference in our religions, out mothers opposed our romance. Sadly we lost contact. I never forgot lovely Winona. 47 years later thanks to the internet Winona found me again. She showed me a picture of me she had kept all these years. On the back she had written “This is the man I should have married.” Now this Valentine’s Day we will celebrate our first anniversary. That lovely Valley Girl is my wife at last.

Paul Anton, Tacoma, Wash.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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