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7 Romantic Prom Stories

23 Apr

It’s that time of year. Look forward to your special night orĀ reminisceĀ on the elegance and romance of you memories of prom.

I was a sophomore and had a crush on this junior who was friends with my best friend. I had never really talked to him before, but one day when I opened my locker I saw a pink rose tapped to the inside of my locker with a note that said “Will you go to prom with me? Love Daren.” My friend had put it in my locker. I thought it was just a joke so I didn’t bother getting a dress or anything. So two days before prom I get a call from Daren. It wasn’t a joke and he really did want me to go with him, but I didn’t even have a dress! So I called talked to my mom and she said that I could stay home from school the next day with my older sister to find everything I needed. The night of the prom I was getting ready with Erika. My makeup and hair were all done and my dress was on and I went to put on my second shoe but I couldn’t find it! a half hour of me searching everywhere for my shoe when the doorbell rings! Daren was there and no one was answering the door. So I had to go downstairs and open the door with only one shoe on. When I opened it my whole family and all of my friends where there with cameras and in front of a white limo was Daren with my other shoe. He said ” My beautiful Cinderella, you can’t go to prom without your other glass slipper” it was the corniest but most romantic night of my life and we’ve been together for a year.

I ended up going to prom with the most handsome guy in school, you know, the one you NEVER think will pick you? It ends up he really liked me! I got to wear a gorgeous red dress. And he showed up with a red rose for me! He kissed me and we got pictures by a flowering apple tree. The dance was so romantic! We were dancing in the spotlight together and there were bubbles everywhere. The DJ said we looked so good he got a picture. During Just the Way You Are he would pick me up and spin me and sing to me so I knew he was talking about me. Then he bent over like in the movies after they dance tango and kissed me! It was the funnest night ever!

Last year at prom, my boyfriend asked me to go with him. He asked if he could make all of the arrangements. I agreed to this, and could not wait to see what was in store for me. All of my girlfriends got ready at my house. This way we could all get pictures together when our dates arrived. I was upstairs when everybody started making a big commotion. I went down to see what was going on, and I saw that my boyfriend arrived. He had roses for both my mother and for me. We went outside to start the picture taking, and there was a horse and carriage waiting out there. We all got our pictures done in front of the carriage. Once we were done with pictures, we rode away in the carriage. The next thing in store was a carriage ride in the park, and a packed picnic. After the picnic, we got back in the carriage, and rode to the prom. This was the most memorable experience in my life.

at first, everything seems ordinary..we just talked then laughed.. but when the romantic song played, one of my crush-mate stand, he walks to our table then pick me up.. i didn’t expect it! we we’re the first ine to dance in the middle of the dance floor.. we’re very close to each other that we danced cheek to cheek while hugging.. it takes a couple of minutes to make others dance with us.. we are the sweetest pair! everybody said.. i saw some of my teachers talking about us.. one of our teacher said that we must kiss.. omg!! we just looked to each other then smile! i just hug him.. i am the only one he dance with.. how sweet..:)

My Freshman year a Junior took me to prom. He was the cutest guy at our school! We decided we were just going as friends. The night of Prom I was waiting for him to arrive and here came a long limo with all of our friends in it, we had a blast! When we got there we were a little early but my date and I stayed in the limo because he had something to show me. I was a little confused, but he put this blindfold on me so I couldn’t see where we were. We walked inside this beautiful garden full of flowers and rose petals! He looked at me and got on one knee and had a corsage in his hand and he asked “Will you be my girlfriend?” I was SO HAPPY! I said yes of course! He put the corsage on my wrist and he carried me back to the limo because it started to rain and we didn’t want to get my awesome dress dirty. And during the prom we had amazing time. And we are STILL together.

It was my freshman year, and my mom was transferred at work to a new city. It was only about 30 minutes away from my old house, but it was a big change. I had to move in the middle of the school year, and I didn’t know anyone. When I got there the teacher asked for someone to give me a tour of the school, and walk me to my classes. Lucky for me, the quarterback of the football team offered to be my guide. We really got to know each other, and he helped me get to know some friends. He told me that the prom was coming up soon, and he asked me to go with him. Of course I said yes, and we made all of the arrangements. The night of prom he never showed up. About 30 minutes later, I was in tears, so I called my best friend from my old school. He made me feel a little better, and about an hour later was on my doorstep in a suit, with a dozen roses. He brought me to the prom, and I don’t think I could have had a better time. We have been together since.

Well, my prom was pretty cool, I went with this guy I knew, Jared, that I’d been crushing on seriously for like the whole year. I was so petrified to make a fool out of myself, I almost asked somebody I didn’t like to go with me! All I had to do was ask him, if I had known that it would have saved me a lot of worry. I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether to ask him or not, and finally some buddies of mine convinced me to just suck it up and ask. The dance was so romantic, we danced to almost every song. He kissed me! Anyway, after the prom we all went to the grocery store at around 3 in the morning, to get supplies for a camping trip we were going on for the weekend. It was almost as fun as the prom itself, we danced in the aisles, in our formal wear. The few employees around pumped up the music for us. A piece of advice to everybody: if you want to go with somebody, just ask, it can’t hurt. Really. I wasted my whole senior year without making any kind of move, when we could have been together. Oh, and make sure you do something after the prom, camping was almost as great as the prom was.

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