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Meaning of Flowers Beginning with C

1 May

Find the perfect flower for yourself and your lover. Nothing is more romantic than making a bouquet with flowers hand-picked to represent you, your lover, and your relationship. 

Part of the Flower Alphabet

Cabbage- profit

Cactus- endurance, warmth, bravery

Calendula- grace, grief, jealousy, October

Calla Lily- magnificent beauty, 6th wedding anniversary

Camellia- longing for you, you’re a flame in my heart, you’re adorable, gratitude, loveliness, excellence, steadfastness, unpretending excellence

Camomile- initiative, ingenuity

Campanula- gratitude

Candytuft- indifference

Canterbury Bell- gratitude, constancy, warning

Cardinal Flower- distinction, splendor

Carnation- fascination, woman love, fascination, distinction, divine love, yes, January, 1st wedding anniversary

Celandine- joys to come

Cherry Blossom- well educated, transience of life, feminine beauty

Chestnut Blossom- do me justice, independence, injustice

China Aster- love of variety, jealousy, after-thought

Chrysanthemum (Golden Flower)- I love, slighted love, truth, cheerfulness, optimism, rest, long life, joy, nobility, you are a wonderful friend, optimism, joy, November, 13th wedding anniversary, Chicago, happiness, sun, meditation, long and happy life

Cinnamon- love, beauty

Clematis- clever, intellectual, 8th wedding anniversary, artifice, ingenuity

Clover- industry, I promise, be mine, good luck, faith, hope, love, we belong together, dignity, restraint

Clove- dignity

Cockscomb (Celosia)- silliness, foppery

Coltsfoot- maternal love, care

Columbine- salvation, strength, wisdom, cuckoldry, deserted love

Convolvulus- humble perseverance

Coreopsis- always cheerful

Cornflower- delicacy

Cosmos- modesty, 2nd wedding anniversary

Cowslip- winning grace, beauty

Coriander- lust

Cranberry- heartache cure

Cranesbill (Wild Geranium)- constancy, availability

Crocus- cheerfulness, gladness, abuse not, youthfulness, attachment

Crown Imperial- majesty, power

Cyclamen- resignation, good bye

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