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Rainy Wedding Under Cherry Tree

9 May

A wedding under cherry blossoms and rain? Gorgeous! Japan is so romantic in the Cherry Blossoms. A perfect place for a wedding!

25 Romantic Couples Under Japanese Cherry Blossoms

7 Mar

Hanami, or cherry blossom festivals take place all over Japan in the spring. Couples from all around the world gather to see the beauty and romance.

Meaning of Flowers Beginning with C

1 May

Find the perfect flower for yourself and your lover. Nothing is more romantic than making a bouquet with flowers hand-picked to represent you, your lover, and your relationship. 

Part of the Flower Alphabet

Cabbage- profit

Cactus- endurance, warmth, bravery

Calendula- grace, grief, jealousy, October

Calla Lily- magnificent beauty, 6th wedding anniversary

Camellia- longing for you, you’re a flame in my heart, you’re adorable, gratitude, loveliness, excellence, steadfastness, unpretending excellence

Camomile- initiative, ingenuity

Campanula- gratitude

Candytuft- indifference

Canterbury Bell- gratitude, constancy, warning

Cardinal Flower- distinction, splendor

Carnation- fascination, woman love, fascination, distinction, divine love, yes, January, 1st wedding anniversary

Celandine- joys to come

Cherry Blossom- well educated, transience of life, feminine beauty

Chestnut Blossom- do me justice, independence, injustice

China Aster- love of variety, jealousy, after-thought

Chrysanthemum (Golden Flower)- I love, slighted love, truth, cheerfulness, optimism, rest, long life, joy, nobility, you are a wonderful friend, optimism, joy, November, 13th wedding anniversary, Chicago, happiness, sun, meditation, long and happy life

Cinnamon- love, beauty

Clematis- clever, intellectual, 8th wedding anniversary, artifice, ingenuity

Clover- industry, I promise, be mine, good luck, faith, hope, love, we belong together, dignity, restraint

Clove- dignity

Cockscomb (Celosia)- silliness, foppery

Coltsfoot- maternal love, care

Columbine- salvation, strength, wisdom, cuckoldry, deserted love

Convolvulus- humble perseverance

Coreopsis- always cheerful

Cornflower- delicacy

Cosmos- modesty, 2nd wedding anniversary

Cowslip- winning grace, beauty

Coriander- lust

Cranberry- heartache cure

Cranesbill (Wild Geranium)- constancy, availability

Crocus- cheerfulness, gladness, abuse not, youthfulness, attachment

Crown Imperial- majesty, power

Cyclamen- resignation, good bye

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