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Cowboys And Angels

2 Jan

A sweet little song about bad boys and good girls.

9 Types of Guys

22 Jul

Women love all different types of men. Which one do you fall under?

The Action Hero

You’re active and adventurous. You’re happy doing something physical or exciting. You’re always playing sports, hiking, taking last-minute trips. Women like you because they feel protected around you. They love how you get their heart rate up. You’re never boring- always up to something. You keep women on their toes and in their hearts.

The Book Worm

You’re super smart. You’re always reading a book or blog. You’re great in the science lab or always write the best stories. You know a lot. Girls like you because you’re smart and interesting. They know that they can rely on you and trust your knowledge. They won’t often hear “I don’t know” from you, because you know what you’re doing.

The Funny Guy

You are just so funny! You’re always the life of the party and crack everyone up. You always have the perfect joke or comeback. There’s a group around you at any gathering. And they’re all laughing. Girls like you because you’re funny. You’re witty and can make them laugh. You bring happiness into their lives.

The Boy Next Door

You are so sweet and nice. You’re always there with a kind word or hug. You listen and really care about the people you’re listening to. Girls tend to overlook you sometimes. They feel so comfortable with you, they sometimes don’t notice that their affection for you can be something more. Girls love you because you’re very sincere and take care of them. You’re reliable.

The Bad Boy

You’re not the conventional man. You dance to the beat of your own drum. People don’t seem to get you. Maybe you even play around with the ladies a bit too much. But if the right one came around it’d be different. You’re picky and looking for the perfect woman. Women like you because you’re charming and daring. They like your defiance.

The Father

You have a child. You’re caring and protective. Women love you because they know that you know how to take care of another person. They can see your love and protectiveness over your child and know that you’re dedicated to family. You can take care of a family and have a stable life- with the right woman.

The Business Man

You are classy. You work hard every day. You go to work and do everything that is needed of you. Women like you because you’re dedicated and work hard. Not to mention that women love a suit.

The Romantic

Yeah, you’re a guy, and you like romance. You like doing nice little things for your woman or big, grand gestures. And you love it when she does it back. Women love you because you are so open in showing your love to them. It creates a deep, passionate relationship.

The Outcast

You often find yourself alone. You don’t quite fit into any of the other categories or anywhere really. You’re shy and just looking for the right girl to bring you out. Maybe not many people notice you now, but one day a very special woman will take the time to see the real you and find out what a catch you really are.

So guys, which are you?

And girls, which guy do you like?

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