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12 Romantic Fall Weddings

27 Nov

Taken at Timberwolf Creek/Maggie Valley Weddings in Maggie Valley, North Carolina http://www.maggievalleyweddings.com


14 Nov


Autumn was it when we first met
Autumn is it what I can’t forget

Autumn have made me alive
because in Autumn you entered my life

In Autumn you came like a summer breece
I didn’t realize what it is

In Autumn I fell in love at first sight
I knew that everything was alright

In Autumn there was that special dance
I knew our love will not have a chance

In Autumn I was under your spell
Autumn – a secret I will never tell

In Autumn you showed me pride
I wish I had never left your side

In Autumn miracles came true
everything I was loging for was you

That Autumn changed my life in many ways
I will never forget those special days

Autumn was it when we first met
Autumn is it what I can’t forget

By Sheila Butterfly

Fall in Love! 14 Romantic Fall Dates

7 Nov

1. Go to a corn or hay maze- it’s fun and exciting.

2.Make apple cider and sip it together in front of a fire.

3. Go to a football game together- girls, you’ll get bonus points and there’s something fun about cuddling together to stay warm while cheering for your favorite team.

4. Get some romantic fall photos together! Get ideas Here and Here!

5.Pick your own apples or pumpkins at a local farm.

6.Ride on a hayride or train to enjoy the scenery!

7. Go on a walk or bike ride together! It’s beautiful and romantic.

8. Play with the leaves! Throw some leaves up in the air or push each other into piles of leaves! Nothing will make you feel more like a kid again.

9. Go to a haunted house or corn maze together and scare yourselves silly.

10. Visit a farmer’s market together- cool, crisp air and good food!

11. See some of the local festivals. Since it’s harvest time, there’s a lot going on in the fall.

12. Enjoy a pick nick together under the autumn leaves.

13. Make dinner over a fire and enjoy it together.

14. Go wine tasting or stay home by the fire, curled up under a blanket together with a spiced wine or make your own spiced wine together!

11 Romantic Fall Couples

6 Nov

Autumn Romance

5 Nov

Autumn Romance

Leaves rustle past our feet
as we walk along
our hands are folded together
like a lover’s embrace
we stop for awhile and I look
into his face
He says nothing, but his eyes do
They tell me that he loves me
and I know that it’s true

by Dawn Lavy

Romantic Autumn Engagement Photos

2 Nov

11 Romantic Couples in Autumn

1 Nov

Autumn is such a romantic time of the year! Gorgeous leaves are great for gorgeous romances.

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