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25 Meanings of Stones Beginning with O

20 Jun

Obisian- self-control, break habits, will-power, inner strength

Obsidian- balance, attain goals, perception, achievement, positive influences, overcome problems, inner tranquility

Black Obsidian (Apache Tear, Volcanic Glass)- ground energies, soul, reflection, forgiveness, consolation, releases toxins, ground energies

Gold Sheen Obsidian- removes negative energies, direction, goals, future

Green Obsidian- connection with nature, self-realizations of love tenderness and nuturing

Mahogany Obsidian- warrior, continuity, decision making, reflection and releasing of shortcomings, strength in time of need, forgiving attitude, grievances, follow convictions, overcome adversity, inner reflection

Rainbow Obsidian- joy of life, colors, love, open spirit, open mind, love, passion, relationship

Smoky Obsidian- growth, healthy balance, sensitivity, beauty, love all around

Snowflake Obsidian- purity, balance, clear patterns, protect against nightmares, protect against emotional draining, face responsibility, change, purification, fulfillment, inner growth, introspection, deflects negative energy

Okenite- truth, self-truth, truth in others, self-forgiveness, purification stone, clears obstacles, stamina, complete tasks

Onyx- dispels grief, self-control, wise decisions, repels others’ negativity, protection from harm, heal grief and sorrows, heal old memories, rational thinking, overcoming loneliness and alienation, comfort, determination, perseverance, protection, release old relationships, harmony, spirituality, devotion, concentration, contemplation, peace of mind

Black Onyx- banishes grief, wisdom, happiness, good fortune, will power, change bad habits

Green Onyx- achievement

Opal- visions, October, dreams, protection against disease, emotions, love, passion, spontaneity, visualization, imagination, healing, intuition, mysticism, living, authentic, faithfulness, loyalty, sight, childbirth, amplify traits, bring characteristics to surface, transformation, enhancing self, sensual, passion, releases inhibitions, interest in arts, spirituality, mental clarity, amusement, lightness, spontaneity, will

Black Opal- sexuality, attractiveness, higher spirituality, good luck, alleviate fears, optimism, eagerness

Blue Opal- heart communication, relief, sea, sea creatures, wishes, fairies, inner wonders

Blue-Green Opal- impressions, openness, alleviate emotional burdens

Ethiopian Opal- creativity, imagination, mystic vision

Fire Opal- inspiration, release inhibitions, memory, let go of anger, inspiration, imagination, creativity, release inhibitions, memory, spontaneity, new ideas, enthusiasm, prosperity, magnetism

Green Opal- cleansing, rejuvenation, emotion, relationships, filter information, mind, reorientation, spiritual prospective

Pink Opal- centeredness, clarity

White Opal- clearing emotions, angels, positivity, healing, hope, achievement, good luck

Yellow Opal- emotional stability, achievement, positive emotions

Opalite- energy, communication, transitions, verbalising hidden feelings, business, stabalize mood swings

Orange Elestial- uplifting energy, consciousness, angels, relieve sorrow and depression, lighten heart, broad understanding, understand past events, prediction, higher good

2 Meanings of Stones Beginning with N

16 Jun

Niobium- stability, ingenuity  

Nuummite- subconscious, grounding, ancient, protection, inner reality, depth, energy, power, earth, love, acceptance, self

13 Meanings of Stones Beginning with M

14 Jun

Magnesite- dynamic, creative, thoughts, ideas, putting ideas into action, enlightenment, positive attitude, stop self-deceit

Magnetite- composure, grace under pressure, calm in stress, relax, open mind, learning, heart

Malachite- transformation, spirituality, healing, harmony, true love, pure love, counteracts self-destructive romantic tendencies, restoration of life, release negative emotions, protection, optimism, recovery, raises spirits, clarifies problems, freshness, prosperity, turn things around

Marble- cleansing, clarity, strength

Marcasite- success, drive, communication, strength, coping

Merlinite- magic, good luck, light, dark, black, white, darkness of soul, duality, deepness, memories, spiritual growth, communication with dead, past lives, balance between light and dark

Moldavite- purpose, greatness, connections, earth, extraterrestrial, healing, intellegence of heart, remove unhealthy attachments, vivid dreams, meaningful visions

Mookaite- deal with negative situations or energies, uncompromising strength, change, growth

Moonstone (Albite)- safe travels, balance, deepens feelings of joy and peace, attract lovers, femal, romance, fidelity, home, calm responses, avoids overreaction, feminity, intuition, psychic ability, clear thinking, inspiration, receptivity, fulfill destiny, psychic, balance, wishing, need, open spirit, love, relationships, new beginnings, self-actualization, remove obstacles, guidance, fulfillment, true destiny, acceptance, intuition, empathy

Peach Moonstone- sensuality, divinity, feminine, gentile passion, soothe emotions, calming, introspection, decision

Rainbow Moonstone- uplifting, clarity, riches

Morganite- love, empathy, patience, compassion, heals emotions, intellect, commerce actualization, patience, reverence for life, accountability, wisdom, brotherhood, listening, speaking from the heart

Mother of Pearl- good fortune, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, boisterous, June, peace

16 Meanings of Stones Beginning with L

28 May

Labradorite- strength, perseverance, clarity, destiny, insight, dreams, path to love, strengthens will, inner strength, convictions, combat addictions, charisma, irresistible, solidify relationships, reduce arguments, harmony, loosen inhibitions, rapport

Lapis Lazuli- royalty, strength, vitality, mental clarity, friendship, wisdom, truth, harmony in relationships, awareness, emotional healing, stability, high intensity, spirit cleansing, inner truth, inner peace, heavenly, unearthly, refresh spirit, purity, ethical, filling, guardian, dissolve emotional bonds, removes martyrdom, self-expression

Labradorite- stars, positive, galactic, mystic, advancement, self-faith, self-trust, mental acuity, relieve stress

Larimar- confidence, rapport, meditation, breathing, new ideas, harmony, displace anger greed and frustration, bring peace, healing, earth, see yourself from other prospective, deeper understanding, purpose, destiny, serenity, heal guilt, energy, love

Larvikite- vitality, youthfulness, calm nerves, process new information, new knowledge, higher learning, understanding, complexity

Lavakite- learning, achievement, flexibility

Lazulite- heaven, ba;amce. peace of mind, concentration, relieve tension, insight, positive energy, stability, discussion, purification, energy, positivity, self-discipline, brain function, focus, dreams, reduce headache

Lazurite- purification, serenity

Lead- deepness, underworld, Saturn, meditation, banishing negativity, break bad habits, protection, stability, grounding, solidity, perseverance, decisiveness, concentration, conservation, construction

Lemurian Seed- place to anchor, love, earth, knowledge, awareness, attunement, intuition

Leopardite- turn introvert to extrovert, expression, express love, express passion, inner feelings

Lepidolite- peace stone, independence, goals, stress, restful sleep, good luck, reconciliation of love, lift depression, honesty, openness

Libyan Gold Tektite-  truthfulness, mesmerizing, truth, journey, speak from the heart, reality, emotional

Lodestone- communication, teamwork, magnet, grounding, clear thinking, focus

Lodalite- journey, voice vision, transformation

Luvulite (Sugilite)- balance, calm, understand life, spiritual awareness

3 Meanings of Stones Beginning with K

24 May

Kammerite- clarity, depths, remove ecstasy to reveal reason, spirituality

Kunzite (Hiddenite)- vigor, smooth emotions, protection, support, rejuvenation, balance, spirituality, universal love,

Kyanite- calming, quiet mind, dissolve confusion anger and frustration, flow, meditation, seeing, dreams, visualization, loyalty, honor, strength, attunement, balance, awareness, decision making, logic

27 Stone Meanings Beginning with J

18 May

Jacinth- spirit, understanding, childbirth, sleep

Jade (Nephrite)- stone of magic, clear judgment, focus, life, healing, body, spirit, connections, prosperity, longevity, fertility, serenity, wisdom, balance, moderation, stability, relieve anxiety and fear, good luck, hold onto money, bountiful harvests, mercy, humility, generosity, lucky, restorative dreams, kindness, goodwill, safe travel, protection from risks and negative people, attract friendship, love, nurturing, harmony, honest vision, childbirth

Black- protection from negativity, wisdom in power

Green- luck, resourcefulness

Honey Jade- sacred, emotional balance,

Pink- understanding, empathy

Jadeite(Burmese)- judgment, magic, life, focus, healing, body, spirit, stability, moderation, balance, wisdom, serenity, fertility, longevity, prosperity, connections

Jasper- harmony, relaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing, consolation, relieve mental stress, balance, calm troubled mind, help smooth the way, invigorating, stabilizing, stillness to a troubled mind, rhythm, overcome depression, nurturing, support in stress, calmness, balance, quick thinking, honesty, turn ideas into actions, helps with long illnesses

Autumn Jasper- protection, positive energy, strength

Black Jasper- protective, healing, good luck in any type of fight

Brecciated Jasper- remembrance, positive outlook, organization, relaxation, wholeness, attunement, communication with animals, happiness, good outlook on life, stress relief

Dalmation Jasper- patience, removes disillusionment, loyalty for partner, long-term relationships, fun, lessen or remove disillusionment, see yourself- strengths and weaknesses, grounding

Fancy Jasper- practicality, nurturing, cease over-analyzing, enjoy life, relaxation, gentleness, tranquility, consolation, mental clarity, eliminate worry and depression, bravery, remove nervousness

Fossil Jasper (Turitella)- spiritual powers, guide

Leopard Skin Jasper- nurturing, necessity, protection in travel, responsibility, find and achieve life’s goals, support, respect and help with those near, strength, courage, vitality

Ocean Jasper- balance, soothing, love of one’s self, love of others, heal emotions, peace of mind, responsibility, patience

Picasso Jasper (Picasso Marble)- grounding, calming, weight loss, creativity

Picture Jasper- global awareness, brotherhood, health, stabilizing, balance, visualization, meditation, hidden messages, past, business pursuits

Polychrome Jasper (Desert Jasper)- stability, balance, grounding

Rainbow Jasper- courage to speak out, ease emotional stress, relaxation, security, autumn, transitions, change, balance, healing, cinfidence, peace, positive attitude

Leopardite- journeying, service to others, discovery, connection, animals, responsibility, creativity, visualization, protection

Mookaite Jasper- desire for new experiences, blance, inner response, exterman activities, strength, decision making, healing, strength, shield from difficult situations, dead loved ones, here and now, deccision making, flexibility, many solutions

Rainforest Jasper (Poppy Jasper)- nature, plants, passion, happiness, joy for life, change

Red Jasper- healing, protection, protection against the night, luck, acting, securing, stability, ease emotional stress, courage to speak, personal independence, balance, smell, mars, fire, reduces guilt, consolation, peace in future, balance in unfair situations, dreams, help with conflict and aggression, grace, perseverance, blood healing, rectify, understanding, strengthen boundries

Tiger Jasper (Tiger Iron)- healing

Yellow Jasper- strength, balance, social welfare, nurturing, tranquility, wholeness

Zebra Jasper- balance, alignment, clearing

Jet (Black Amber)- mourning, acceptance of change, alleviating grief

8 Stone Meanings Beginning with I

17 May

Icelandspar- awareness, solidify friendships

Idocrase (Vesuvianite)- cooperativeness, joint efforts, new marriage, new business, friendship

Ilvaite- renewal, re-birth, patience

Indicolite- rarity, soothing, calming, stress relief, joy, happiness, harmony, tolerance, kindness, communication, deep meditation, exploration, understanding

Infinite Stone- healing, energy, earth, energy renewal, restful sleep, self, heal loss, seperation, and betrayal, ease grief

Iolite (cordierite, water sapphire, water diamonds)- conflict resolve, eliminates debt, responsibility, intuition, dreams, power, leadership, visualization, intuitive, insight, inner knowledge, accuracy, clarify, vision, direction, inner strength, self-confidence, inner vision, high awareness, financial responsibility, enjoy the moment, release discord, imagination, creativity, subconscious

Irnamite- emotions under control, improve judgment

Iron- strength, mars, competition, protection, command, power, defense, masculinity, energy, determination, will-power, assertiveness, aggression, fertility, beginnings, undertakings, speed, power, courage

12 Meanings of Stones Beginning with H

14 May

Halite- heart, sun, self-love, clean, end unhealthy habits, relationships, completion, spiritual energy, cleanse heart of emotional wounds, positive action

Helidor- communication skills, compassion, sympathetic

Hematite- mind, reduce stress, balance, happiness, grounding, calm, sooth, sleep, balance, focus, freedom, memory, creative thinking, peace, loving relationship

Hemimorphite- communicate inner feelings, heal unhealthy relationships, compassion, connections, inner strength, energy, completing projects till the end

Herderite- exploration, leadership, passion, balance erratic and emotional behavior

Herkimer Diamond- release stress and tension, boost other crystals, learning, energy, stamina, vigor, strong

Heulandite- approachability, balance

Hickoryite- imagination, adventure, flair, decrease boredom, decrease negativity, new ideas, artists, designers, boost, innovative thinking

Hiddenite (Kunzite)- vigor, smooth emotions, protection, support, emotions

Hornblende- wisdom, communication, balance

Howlite- eliminates rudeness, anger, critical and offensiveness, aids against procrastination, tact, decency, comfort, memory, express emotion calmly, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, quiet, sooth, calm, gentleness, patience, resilience, competition, victory, meditation, peace, stress relief, calm overactive mind, sleep, dispel anger critical and selfishness

Hypersthene- self-esteem, emotional expression, ease, social situations, relieve shyness, alerness, clear expression, calming, ground, protection

18 Meanings of Stones Beginning with G

13 May

Galena- self-confidence, pride, success, imagination, enthusiasm

Garnet- passionate devotion, stimulate senses, vitality, stamina, good luck, business, balance, protective, confidence, security, January, appeal, magnetism, creativity, sleep, commitment, love, hope in difficult times, let go of old ideas, clarity, success, energize

Goethite- resolve, competition, winning

Pyrope- stone of constancy, stone of commitment, stone of health, sense of rootedness, stops enemies from fighting, passionate love, fidelity, devotion, romantic love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, career success, popularity, self-confidence

Grossuralite- purification, we will meet again

Hessonite- creativity

Rhodolite- meditation, intuition, love

Spessartite- contentment, roots, home, will power, self-esteem, popularity

Gold- sun, East, shining, dawn, riches, ruler ship, truth, center, core, importance, masculinity, authority, self-confidence, creativity, riches, investments, fortune, hope, magical power, inner-strength, warmth, classic, style, luxury, tradition, warmth, richness, prestige, perfection, wealth, prestige, power, significance, status, generosity, partnership, confidence

Green Gold- life, eternity, growth, wealth, protection, eternal marriage

Rose Gold- beauty, love, purity, heart, adoration, youth, blooming

White Gold- purity, eternal, light, divine, union

Goldstone- illuminates spirit, uplifting, reduce tension, optimism, development

Goshenite- cleanser, composure, self-control, aid in stressful situations, stabilize relationship

Granite- stabilizing, determined, steadiness

Graphite- assertiveness, achievement, goals

Grossularite- calming, ease fear of hostility from others

Gypsum- insight, assurance

9 Meanings of Stones Beginning with F

10 May

Falcon Eye- help eye problems, increase focus, birds of prey, alleviate fear of flying, boldness, bravery, protection in travels, air, expand horizons, new opportunities, perspective

Fluorite- heals emotions, grasp abstract concepts, balance, intuition, learning, lateral thinking, concentration, healing, energizing, enhance other healing stones

Golden Rainbow- intuition, creativity, concentration, orderliness, positive thoughts

Lavender- spiritual balance, mystic visions, well-being, serenity, peace

Rainbow- spiritual energy work, focused will, psyche, balance

Fossil- grounding, serenity, peaceful aging, inner strength, endurance

Franklinite- imagination

Fuchsite- productivity, teamwork, health

Fulgerite- prayer, divine, spiritual awakening, energy, intuition, purification

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