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Rainy Wedding Under Cherry Tree

9 May

A wedding under cherry blossoms and rain? Gorgeous! Japan is so romantic in the Cherry Blossoms. A perfect place for a wedding!

3 Stone Meanings Beginning With E

8 May

Emerald- stone of hope, healing, memory, awareness of beauty, meeting emotional needs, fertility, sight, psychic, lift depression, relieve insomnia, self-knowledge, peaceful dreams, balance, patience, mind, clear and quick thinking, right actions, right thoughts, May, intellect, eloquence, prosperity, integrity, domestic calm, loyalty, avert misfortunes, broad vision, eloquence, positive actions, recovery from illness

Epidote- relaxation, social graces

Erythrite- serenity, meditation

13 Meanings of Stones Beginning with D

7 May

Danburite- sociability, confidence, strength

Datolite- clarity, concentration, calm nerves and mind

Desert Rose- perception, commerce, beauty, delicate beauty, reduce stress, recuperation, delicate love

Diamond- stone of purity, honest, bravery, amplify thoughts, enhancement, detoxification, protection, abundance, strengthens all other stones, April, prosperity in business, well-being, improve senses, powerful, healer, remove all emotional negativity, white light, purity, wealth, unconditional love, healing, shining soul, attain aspiration, imagination, inventiveness

Black Diamond- superiority, endings, beauty, stars, sophistication

Blue Diamond- serenity, inner-self, imagination, dreams, intuition, peace, communication, good health, spirituality, calm, luck, happy, joyful life, health, blushing bride, shy bride, tradition

Brown Diamond- earth, nature, harmony, tradition, richness, adoration, deep feelings

Champagne Diamond- nature, tradition, earth, harmony, smoothness

Clear Diamond- clarity, peace, purity, innocence, enlightenment, understanding, perfection, focuse, wholeness, honesty, fresh start

Green Diamond- wealth, nature, trust, faith, unconditional relationship, nature a relationship, harmony, balance, renewal

Orange Diamond- energy, enthusiasm, creativity, success, self-respect, innovativeness, zest for life, creativity

Pink Diamond- creativity, rarity, fancy, unconditional love, caring, tenderness, acceptance, self-worth, relax nerves, calm emotions, remove chaos, self-acceptance, affection, love, romance, art

Purple Diamond- luxury, wisdom, inspiration, inner strenght, calm nerves, imagniation, nobility, spirituality, royalty

Red Diamond- strength, true love, pure love, stability, good luck, stress-reliever, emotional well-being, confidence, power

Yellow Diamond- considerate, thoughtfullness, happiness, joy, friendship, selfless, eager, lasting relationship, self-confidence

Diopside- cathartic, heals trauma, cleansing, creativity, love, commitment, find love, find commitment, heal traumas

Dioptase- self-discovery, meditation, keep partnerships solid, relieve stress, healing

Dolomite- optimism, sports, competitions, resourcefulness, ease fear of personal failure

Dravite- enhance attractiveness, increased popularity, senses

Druzy- mystic, magic, lightness, harmony, spirit

Aqua Druzy- star dust, fairy dust, magic, mystic, lightness, harmony, spirit, flow, aid, sweetness

Green Druzy- magic, mystic, lightness, harmony, spirit, earth, peace, calm, tranquility

Rose Druzy- love, affection, fairytale romance

Dumortierite- organization, self-discipline, orderliness, reality, patience, healing minor illnesses

Best Ways To Wake Up Your Lover

4 May

Most people hate getting up in the morning. A great way to make your lover feel better is to make their morning and day better is by waking them up in a romantic, loving way. Here’s some ideas!

1. The fairytale way– with a kiss!

2. Make them breakfast in bed.

3. Playfully tickle them with a feather.

4. Cuddle closer and tell them how much you love them.

5. Sneakily put some jewelry on her that you know she’s been wanting for a while.

6. Whisper a Romantic Something in their ear.

7. Send them a romantic text.

8. Give her a single rose.

9. Spray one of their favorite scents around them so they wake up with a beautiful smell.

10. Gently brush their hair aside and stare deeply into their eyes.

11. Put a romantic Poem or quote on their pillow.

12. Wake them up with your song.

13. Nibble their ear.

14. Give them a massage.

15. Slip a romantic gift into the bed with them.

16. Surround the bed with roses or other Flowers!

17. Close the blinds and light the candles, making it like last night really never ended.

18. Pick her up and carry her into the kitchen for a romantic breakfast.

19. Decorate the room to make it romantically.

20. Caress them or blow in their ear.

21. Wake them up to see the sunrise together and enjoy the romance.

29 Romantic Japanese Phrases

13 Mar

Japan- a beautiful land full of blossoming cherry trees and ancient customs- enjoy their beautiful romantic phrases!

1. I love you- Aishiteru
2. I always think about you- itsumo omotteimasu.
3. I want to be with you forever.- itsumademo issho ni itai.
4. I’m crazy about you- Kimi ni muchu nanda
5. You’re the man of my dreams- Anata wa watashinoyume no otokoda
6. I am passionate about you- kimi ni muchuu.
7. You’re the woman of my dreams Anata wa watashinoyume no joseida.
8. I want to see you- Aitai yo
9. May I kiss you?- Kisu shite mo ii
10. I’ve loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you- Hajimete ata tokikara sukidata
11. Lover- Koibito
12. I want to sleep with you in my arms- Anata wo dakishime nemuritai.
13. You smell sweet- Ii nioi
14. Hold on to me and never let me go- watshi o dakishimete
15. I need you- anataga inai to yatte ikenai.
16. You are an angel- anata wa tenshi no yoo desu
17. What would I do without you?- Anata nashi de doshitara i nodesu ka
18. I love your smile- Watashi wa anatanoegao ga daisukidesu
19. Love of my heart- Watashi no kokoro no ai
20. I love you from the bottom of my heart- Kokoro no sokokara aishiteru
21. Kiss me- kisu shite.
22. You are as beautiful as a flower- Hana no youni kirei
23. I can’t live without you- Anata nashidewa ikite ikanai
24. Whatever future there is, there is love- donna mirai ni mo, ai wa aru
25. You are the love of my life.- watashi no isshoo no koibito.
26. I will always love you- Itsumo aishiteru
27. You have beautiful eyes- Anata wa utsukushi me o shite iru.
28. It brings me joy within to be here with you- Anata wa Watashi ga koko ni iru kara ureshii des
29. I want to hold you- Dakishimetai

25 Romantic Couples Under Japanese Cherry Blossoms

7 Mar

Hanami, or cherry blossom festivals take place all over Japan in the spring. Couples from all around the world gather to see the beauty and romance.

25 Engagement Rings

4 Mar

While we’ve Read  and Viewed Romantic Proposals (including Seeing and Photographing more Valentine’s Day Proposals,) we haven’t gone into the rings! Engagement rings are becoming more beautiful and varied every day. The stones now have meaning and value. But how do you know the right stone or metal to pick? We’ll be delving into the world of gems with the 26 Romantic Meanings Of Metals and Stones to make sure you have the right match! This will not only be great for engagement rings, but for any meaningful jewelry- rings, necklaces, bracelets- anything!

5 Romantic Engagement Photos

1 Mar

Photographer: Rensche Mari

Photographer: Domino Arts

Photographer: Jennifer Aidridge

Photographer: Domino Arts

Photographer: Jennifer Aidriage

Glee Proposal

22 Feb

7 Romantic Gif Photos

20 Feb

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