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Glee Proposal

22 Feb

Romantic Piano Scene

1 Jan

Start off the new years with one of the most romantic scenes from one of the most romantic movies.

Happy Endings

2 Dec

A romantic montage of a beautiful Christmas movie full of love stories- Love Actually.

Can I Have This Dance

12 Nov

She Brings Out The Best In Him

9 Nov

Werewolf Romance

30 Oct

A beautiful romance between a werewolf and a girl.

Romantic Sensual Vampires

8 Oct

2 handsome vampires fighting for the love of a beautiful woman.

Vampire Fight

Unusual Romance

2 Oct

A lovely romance between two unusual people.

Upbeat Cute Couple

8 Sep

Found this upbeat video of a very cute couple and had to share!

Fairytale Comes to Life

6 Sep

Beautiful, epic video of the story of Snow White and Prince Charming- all that they have done for each other, sacrificed, fought, and found each other. No matter what, they will make sure they have their happy ending and will always be together.

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