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40 Romantic Princess Anastasia Fairytales

24 Jan favorite <3<3At The Beginning With You by ~Grodansnagel<3 never should have let them dance… 

3 Romantic Moments Fit For A Princess

3 Jan

Disney Romance

Romantic moments every girl dreams of.

15 Romantic Christmas Weddings

15 Dec

Christmas is such a magical time- a perfect time for a wedding! The lights, flowers, and decorations are already up. Everything is bright and green. There’s snow falling, everyone is happy. It’s a perfect time to combine red and white- they look beautiful together and it brings the purity of white with the passion and sensuality of red.

She Brings Out The Best In Him

9 Nov

Witch Romance

12 Oct

A beautiful romance between witches.

Man Rescues Fainting Woman

27 Aug

A romantic video of a man who catches a fainting woman, falls for her, and carries her to safety.

Romantic Beach

31 Jul

The beach is so romantic. It’s the perfect place to laugh and play and kiss and love. Here are 2 videos- the first is a beautiful, sexy romantic song. The second is a silent movie of a couple together on the beach at sunset- in the sunlit waves and in love. Play the first video for the music as you watch the second one. ❤

Steamy Scene

25 Apr

A steamy, romantic scene between two lovers.

Romantic Carrying Wedding

21 Apr

A man carries his new happy bride out of their wedding. A very romantic and unique recessional.

Romantic Sensual Scene

12 Apr

A beautiful, romantic moment between two lovers. What could be more wonderful than a romantic, candle lit bath then whisked away and carried to bed.

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