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Rainy Wedding Under Cherry Tree

9 May

A wedding under cherry blossoms and rain? Gorgeous! Japan is so romantic in the Cherry Blossoms. A perfect place for a wedding!

Glee Proposal

22 Feb

7 Romantic Gif Photos

20 Feb

56 Romantic Valentine’s Day Photo Shoots

2 Feb

A sweet idea for Valentine’s Day- have a romantic Valentine’s Day photo shoot together. Wear something nice and get some beautiful photographs together. Here’s some ideas!

be mine valentines day photosvalentine's cupid photoshootbride with angel wings with angel wings with angel wings photos with bed in grasscouple with lots of little hearts's day engagement photos with wings

14 Kisses In The Snow

31 Jan

Not much is more romantic than a kiss in the snow.

he kissed me in the snow<3

87 Swan Lake and Swan Princess Romances

29 Jan this movie this morning and this song has been stuck in my head all day. longer than forever, I’ll hold you in my heart.<br />
It’s almost like you’re here with me, although we’re far apart.<br />
Far longer than forever, as constant as a star.<br />
I close my eyes and I am where you are. is just an experiment with textures and drawing and coloring and stuff. I still think Derek is a complete idiot and Odette could do better. The watermark is an experiment, too, albeit not a fun one. Textures are all from cloaks, the characters are from New Line, and the resulting explosion is by me.Favourite Wedding: Odette and Prince Derek. They were meant to be together, since little kids and they finally over come everything, and I love them together.Favourite Lyrics: Because I Love Her. Because I am a huge sap and if I guy sang this to me I would be ashgfjgskfdl (speechless)<br />
Because I love her, I need herLike Earth needs the SunI need the one I loveTo keep my hope brightMy head rightMy heart fighting onUntil I am back in her armsBecause I love her,I need herLike summer needs rainTo grow and sustain eachdayI hear her singingAnd bringing strength to my soulUntil I am back in her armsMiles apart,yet still my heart can hear her melodyI’m more than sure I can’t endureWithout her love for meBecause I love her and need herLike I need to breatheDid Adam need Eve like thisNow I see clearlyI nearly gave up all I hadSo whatever our diferences wereI’ll bid them goodbye I’ll give love a tryAnd all because I love her

39 Romantic Kisses Princess And The Frog

28 Jan

The Princess and the Frog Movie,1301069859,1/stock-photo-beautiful-fairytale-princess-kissing-a-frog-to-find-her-prince-73903828.jpg,1235174947,4/stock-vector-princess-kissing-a-frog-in-a-swirling-leaf-background-vector-illustration-25323703.jpg Fairy Tales #10 Princess Kissing a Frog Christmas Tree Ornament

64 Romantic Rapunzel Fairytales

27 Jan’re so cute :)Bring back what once was mine…and at last i see the light, and it’s like the fog has lifted.  <br />
and at last i see the light, and it’s like the sky is new.<br />
and it’s warm and real and bright, and the world has somehow shifted.<br />
all at once everything looks different, now that i see you. as Rapunzel barbie movies wallpaper

26 Modern Princess Romances Kate Middleton and Prince William

26 Jan Middleton and Prince William Leave Hospital Bmiddleton Bwith Bhat,+Duchess+of+Cambridge+and+Prince+William+at+Yellowknife,+CanadaKate Middleton Kate Middleton and Prince William visit Whitton Park on April 11, 2011 in Darwen, England. With less than three weeks to go until the Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton are making one of their final public appearances. Middleton Kate Middleton and Prince William smile as they visit Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station at Anglesey on February 24, 2011 in Trearddur, Wales. The newly engaged couple named the Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station’s new Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat the ‘Hereford Endeavour.’ The vessel was launched during the naming ceremony and the crew demonstrate some of her rescue capabilities. The country is gearing up for the much anticipated wedding of the couple scheduled to take place on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London.

See the Romantic Royal Wedding

31 Aladdin Arabian Fairytales

23 Jan aladdin And Aladdin and Jasmine

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