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Bonnie and Clyde

23 May

69 years ago today Bonnie and Clyde died an epic death. Lovers in life and lovers in death, their romantic story captured hearts around the world. Their adventures and relationship create a titillating story as fantastic as something from a book or legend. Bonnie was a sweet, well-educated girl of 18 when she met Clyde. Though Clyde was also 18, he had already had many run-ins with the law. He had a sporadic education, a rebellious nature, a love for playing saxophone music, and a charming air. Clyde was visiting a girlfriend when he saw Bonnie cooking in the kitchen. Bonnie and Clyde fell in love the moment they saw each other.

Bonnie found out about Clyde’s problems with the law when the police came to arrest him. He was sentenced to two years in prison. Bonnie visited every day and eventually managed to smuggle him a gun and he escaped that night. Clyde was caught and imprisoned again. Since he was too far away to visit, Bonnie and Clyde constantly wrote to each other. When Clyde got out, thanks to his mother’s pleas, he tried to clean up his act, but found it impossible. He returned to Bonnie to continue their life together, in a stolen car. They were chased, and while Clyde got away, Bonnie was caught and spent several months in prison. She whiled away the time by writing poetry. No matter what happened, how many people Clyde killed, Bonnie always stuck by his side, wildly in love with her man.

Bonnie and Clyde traveled the country, robbing, killing, getting shot, and loving each other passionately. The couple fascinated the newspapers, who published their stories. The articles captures the interests and hearts of people across the country in these hard times. The couple was found even more endearing when someone found some film and developed it- to discover that it was pictures of the rebellious couple.

One time Bonnie and Clyde stole a car. The owner saw it and chased after them in a friend’s car with her in it. The car chase ended when the owner of the car realized that they would never be able to catch up to the wild, gutsy criminals. The rebels took the owner of the car and his friend in the stolen car and drove while with them, Bonnie holding a gun to them. Bonnie told them that she would have shot their captives if they weren’t so likable. Bonnie asked the owner of the stolen car what he did for his profession. When he answered undertaker, Bonnie laughed and said that he’d probably see her again soon.

Bonnie and Clyde drove off a bridge. Clyde and one of their associates escaped, but Bonnie was pinned under the car when it caught fire. Locals called the police helped her from the burning wreckage. The police were overpowered by the Barrow gang. Clyde carried Bonnie into a car and loaded the police in as well and drove off. The cops were later released. The thieves ran into more trouble as members of the Barrow gang were shot and Clyde was in another car accident while trying to escape. Bonnie’s leg would be deformed for the rest of her short life since they couldn’t risk getting proper medical attention.

Bonnie and Clyde wanted to visit their parents. On their way there they were ambushed and shot at. Though both were hit in the leg, they managed to run away. Law officers begin to harass Bonnie and Clyde’s families, hoping for information on where the couple are. A special agent is hired to track Bonnie and Clyde.

One of the Barrow Gang’s member’s father sided with the police and helped them set a trap for Bonnie and Clyde. Officers waited for the couple with armor-piercing bullets. In the morning the couple approached in a stolen car. They were told to give up. They reached for their guns. The police started shooting. Clyde was shot in the head and killed. Bonnie screamed as she watched her lover die. She would not mourn long. 167 bullets shot through the car, killing Bonnie. 50 bullets passed through the bodies of Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie was 23. Clyde was 24.

Though Bonnie and Clyde wished to be buried together, Bonnie’s parents wouldn’t have it. Over 20,000 people came to see Bonnie buried. Clyde was buried next to his brother under a stone with a quote he chose, “Gone but not forgotten.”

“The Story of Suicide: The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde.”

By Bonnie Parker

We, each of us, have a good alibi
For being down here in the joint;
But few of them are really justified,
If you get right down to the point.
You have heard of a woman’s glory
Being spent on a downright cur.
Still you can’t always judge the story
As true being told by her.
As long as I stayed on the island
And heard confidence tales from the gals,
There was only one interesting and truthful,
It was the story of Suicide Sal.
Now Sal was a girl of rare beauty,
Though her features were somewhat tough,
She never once faltered from duty,
To play on the up and up.
Sal told me this tale on the evening
Before she was turned out free,
And I’ll do my best to relate it,
Just as she told it to me.
I was born on a ranch in Wyoming,
Not treated like Helen of Troy,
Was taught that rods were rulers,
And ranked with greasy cowboys. . . .
You’ve read the story of Jesse James
Of how he lived and died
If you’re still in need of something to read
Here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.
Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow Gang,
I’m sure you all have read
how they rob and steal and those who squeal
are usually found dying or dead.
There’s lots of untruths to these write-ups
They’re not so ruthless as that
Their nature is raw, they hate all law
Stool pigeons, spotters, and rats.
They call them cold-blooded killers
They say they are heartless and mean
But I say this with pride, I once knew Clyde
When he was honest and upright and clean.
But the laws fooled around and taking him down
and locking him up in a cell
‘Til he said to me, “I’ll never be free,
So I’ll meet a few of them in hell.”
The road was so dimly lighted
There were no highway signs to guide
But they made up their minds if all roads were blind
They wouldn’t give up ’til they died.
The road gets dimmer and dimmer
Sometimes you can hardly see
But it’s fight man to man, and do all you can
For they know they can never be free.
From heartbreak some people have suffered
From weariness some people have died
But all in all, our troubles are small
‘Til we get like Bonnie and Clyde.
If a policeman is killed in Dallas
And they have no clue or guide
If they can’t find a fiend, just wipe the slate clean
And hang it on Bonnie and Clyde.
There’s two crimes committed in America
Not accredited to the Barrow Mob
They had no hand in the kidnap demand
Nor the Kansas City Depot job.
A newsboy once said to his buddy
“I wish old Clyde would get jumped
In these hard times we’s get a few dimes
If five or six cops would get bumped.”
The police haven’t got the report yet
But Clyde called me up today
He said, “Don’t start any fights, we aren’t
working nights, we’re joining the NRA.”
From Irving to West Dallas viaduct
Is known as the Great Divide
Where the women are kin, and men are men
And they won’t stool on Bonnie and Clyde.
If they try to act like citizens
And rent a nice flat
About the third night they’re invited to fight
By a sub-gun’s rat-tat-tat.
They don’t think they’re tough or desperate
They know the law always wins
They’ve been shot at before, but they do not ignore
That death is the wages of sin.
Some day they’ll go down together
And they’ll bury them side by side
To few it’ll be grief, to the law a relief
But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

26 Modern Princess Romances Kate Middleton and Prince William

26 Jan Middleton and Prince William Leave Hospital Bmiddleton Bwith Bhat,+Duchess+of+Cambridge+and+Prince+William+at+Yellowknife,+CanadaKate Middleton Kate Middleton and Prince William visit Whitton Park on April 11, 2011 in Darwen, England. With less than three weeks to go until the Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton are making one of their final public appearances. Middleton Kate Middleton and Prince William smile as they visit Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station at Anglesey on February 24, 2011 in Trearddur, Wales. The newly engaged couple named the Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station’s new Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat the ‘Hereford Endeavour.’ The vessel was launched during the naming ceremony and the crew demonstrate some of her rescue capabilities. The country is gearing up for the much anticipated wedding of the couple scheduled to take place on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London.

See the Romantic Royal Wedding

24 Princess Diana and Prince Charles Fairytale

19 Jan

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Flowers

28 Aug

You can use the meanings of flowers to decide on that perfect bouquet for your lover. Or pick out the perfect meaning for your wedding flowers. Princess Kate Middleton did. Kate Middleton’s flowers consisted of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William, and hyacinth.  Shane Connolly, who was in charge of the flowers said that the bouquet was meant to mean love, romance, and fidelity.

“One of the things that has been very important to Catherine and to me are the meanings of flowers and the language of flowers,” said Connolly, “We’ve tried, especially in the wedding bouquets, which you’ll see on the day, we’ve tried very much to make beautiful stories.”

To make your bouquet tell the perfect story, see the Alphabet of Flowers


Romantic Royal Wedding

29 Apr

What can be more romantic than a handsome prince and a beautiful woman falling in love? Their gorgeous wedding!

Kate Middleton looked gorgeous.

Prince William was dashing and handsome.

Have you ever seen a couple smiling and looking so happy together at their wedding?

Kate Middleton was so obviously happy to see her groom, Prince William.

When he put the ring on her finger it was so beautiful.

They make such a beautiful, romantic couple!

All eyes were on them and all hearts were with them as they left.

Their kisses were so wonderful!

And they road away in a carriage- what a perfect ending for a romantic wedding!

Wedding quotes:

”You look beautiful” – Prince William to Kate Middleton at the alter

”I pray that everyone present and the many millions watching this ceremony and sharing in your joy today will do everything in their power to support and uphold you in your new life” – Bishop of London Dr Richard Chartres in his address in Westminster Abbey.

For a transcript of the vows go to:

Royal Wedding Poem

I’ll Be Your…Knight in Shining Armour

There will be moments when you will feel afraid
and days of lightning and thunder.
There will be times when love doesn’t seem enough
and times when you will wonder,
If the love we share will be strong enough
to guide us on our way
and love will soar up to the stars,
far beyond our Wedding Day.

Rest assured, I am yours.
I’m your knight in Shining armour
and be sure by my side,
of a Happy Ever After.
You’re my dream, be my Queen
we will face it all together
for the moment we met,
we became…. Forever.

There’s a hand on my shoulder that is keeping me strong
and I know that love has no end.
There’s an angel above who has written our song.
With you by my side, pain will mend.
If you look to me and I look to you,
We will always find light through the dark.
You are my strength, my love and my friend.
You are my own Queen of Hearts.

Rest assured, I am yours, I’m your Knight in Shining armour
and be sure by my side, of a Happy Ever After.
You’re my dream – be my Queen and we’ll face it all together
for the moment we met, we became … Forever. 

Aidan Caine

20 Celebrity Romance Tips

26 Apr


“I love romance: I bring Keely breakfast in bed on a tray with a single flower from our garden. I did that when we first started dating, and I still do it.” 

Pierce Brosnan


Ashton Kutcher leaves sticky notes with romantic messages for Demin Moore. “I have Post-It notes placed in various locations, all with messages of encouragement or love…Some have been there, I don’t know, seven years.”

Demin Moore


“Chocolate can combat any kind of PMS symptoms. I tell my fiance to keep a box of chocolates hidden, and when I’m getting grouchy, all he has to do is give me chocolate to turn my mood around.”

Anya Monzikova


“Sometimes we’ll sing really corny duets together when a couple of our friends are over,” she once admitted. “He does ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ which is amazing.”


“we claim ourselves to be the coziest couple ever. We have something called ‘naked Sundays’ … we do everything naked. We cook naked. You have to keep marriage alive, spice it up.”

Christina Aguilera


“We’re not willing to give up that sexy relationship we had in the beginning just because we’re raising four children together. We make date nights; we don’t always keep them because we’re exhausted, but, sometimes we’ll have a romantic dinner when the kids are sleeping, sometimes we’ll have a nice, intimate lunch when the kids are at school. We’ve just started to take quick, little vacations alone. … We just make ourselves a priority and, we keep our romance alive by communication and creating a sexy environment by setting boundaries in our home. There are places and spaces that are just for us … I think it’s super important and you don’t have to lose your sense of self and your sense of romance when you have a family.”

Brooke Burke


“I’m learning French so we can say all those sexy things to each other in bed.” 

Eva Longoria’s husband (Get romantic French phrases here:


Hilary Duff and her boyfriend, Mike Comrie keep their relationship romantic and alive with sexting. 


“Leave nice notes to say something that’s special and intimate between you two. It’s important to have communication. Even after a year, a woman still needs to know that she is special. A little love note will make a girl melt. You don’t have to spend money or buy jewelry to show your love for a woman. “

Anya Monzikova


“The other night we met out for dinner and arrived in separate cars,” Heidi continued. “I was waiting for him and when he finally walked in, I was like, ‘That’s my man!!!’ I still get butterflies! I also think we work on being hot for each other; exercising and eating right. I want to look good for him. I think it’s really important.”

Heidi Klum


“I don’t wear a whole lot of sweats to bed. I like to keep it fresh.”
Katy Perry 


“It’s hard to define romance other than going with the cliches of a lake, a boat, a picnic basket and a sunset,’ he says. ‘It’s the little things – even a spanking every now and then!”

Patrick Dempsey


“You should carry on with the attitude that you had on your first date. Once a guy feels like he has a woman, he might stop trying. The thing is, we lose interest pretty fast. If the guy stops trying, we get just as bored as easily as men do. We need to have our interest stimulated. Plan a romantic getaway to keep the romance alive. That’s really important. Keep being the same person you were a year ago on the first date by still opening the door. In older generations, men still do that.”

Anya Monzikova


“Burney and I have date nights. Every Sunday after dinner we sit and talk, go over our schedules for the week, etc. For dates we go to the movies, new restaurants, the shooting range, ride motorcycles (when it is nice outside), and cook together. We try to pick one new recipe a week and cook it — from grocery shopping for what we need, to preparing the meal, to eating it together.”

Niki Taylor


“You have to really enjoy (being sexy). Not fake anything. Sexy is being in the moment, whether that means being coy or coming on hard. Faking is always lame and it never comes across the way you want it to.”

Cameron Diaz 


Victoria and David Beckham find that doing yoga together helps improve their relationship. 


“I always say that relationships are not 50/50; they’re 49/51. The man is obviously the 51. He should always be trying harder. Treat a lady right and be a gentleman. I think chivalry is dead in some cases here in the United States. There needs to be more guys who hold the door open.”

Anya Monzikova


“I’ll turn on the TV to find that Megan (Megan Fox) has TiVoed five things she knows I would enjoy. It’s really sweet.”

Brian Austin Green


“The best way to show appreciation for a great lover is by responding to his touch. This is a woman’s greatest gift to her man, as well as the most liberating experience for her.” 

Kim Cattrall 


“If a guy’s proposing, don’t just do it in a noisy restaurant in front of anybody. You want it to be somewhere that’s romantic and special. The most romantic place I’ve ever been is the Petersgoff Palace in St. Peterburg, Russia, which is where my fiance proposed. It’s part of my heritage and to be able to be back home in Russia, and for him to pick a place that’s special to me — we’ll always remember that.”

Anya Monzikova

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