8 Stone Meanings Beginning with I

17 May

Icelandspar- awareness, solidify friendships

Idocrase (Vesuvianite)- cooperativeness, joint efforts, new marriage, new business, friendship

Ilvaite- renewal, re-birth, patience

Indicolite- rarity, soothing, calming, stress relief, joy, happiness, harmony, tolerance, kindness, communication, deep meditation, exploration, understanding

Infinite Stone- healing, energy, earth, energy renewal, restful sleep, self, heal loss, seperation, and betrayal, ease grief

Iolite (cordierite, water sapphire, water diamonds)- conflict resolve, eliminates debt, responsibility, intuition, dreams, power, leadership, visualization, intuitive, insight, inner knowledge, accuracy, clarify, vision, direction, inner strength, self-confidence, inner vision, high awareness, financial responsibility, enjoy the moment, release discord, imagination, creativity, subconscious

Irnamite- emotions under control, improve judgment

Iron- strength, mars, competition, protection, command, power, defense, masculinity, energy, determination, will-power, assertiveness, aggression, fertility, beginnings, undertakings, speed, power, courage

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