Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story

19 Dec

It was Christmas again when the streets were covered with snow. And, everywhere you turned, things looked pristine white. Dana loved Christmas time. She thought Christmas was magical, and secretly believed in Santa Claus. She loved the colorful lights, Xmas trees, and the snow fall. It made everything even more beautiful!

Most importantly, Dana felt loved and treasured for it was the time when everyone showed how much they cared. Friends and relatives showered gifts on you too. And Dana knew that if you were lucky, your beloved would show you how much they love you.

Dana had all of the above in her life, apart from the ‘special’ someone. She wanted Santa to gift her with a ‘special one’ for Christmas, a ‘special someone to love’. Not that she was desperate. It was just that Dana wasn’t too good at relationships. So, she couldn’t help but be jealous when she saw her friends with the loves of their lives!

Whenever she saw her best friend Janet and her boyfriend Ron together, Dana would squirm. She would feel sad. Especially when he’d hug Janet close from behind and kiss her cheek. Even a stranger could tell that Ron was head over heels in love with Janet, and vice versa.

Dana missed a Ron in her life. A Ron who would do little things for her. A Ron who would write little love notes and put them in her jacket pocket, or kiss her mad. But Dana did have a Ron once, back in her high school. It was Logan Smith. She remembered everything about him – his smile, laugh and the way he looked when he was upset or angry.

His eyes were a dark shade of blue. When he looked at Dana, she would feel lost. They were great pals. They had never gone out, although everyone said they should. Everyone thought they were perfect for each other.

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