Expectations- Christmas Special Story

11 Dec

It was Christmas eve. Festivities were gathering momentum in the Whitney household. Nina was glad that she had Jack to spend her Christmas with. Jack was her sister May’s brother-in-law. And well, they had been dating each other for months now.

Last Christmas had been a miserable one for Nina. She had broken off with her long-term boyfriend Ned. He was not worth her. All he wanted was to go to bed with her. For Nina, love was beyond the physical realm. And she wanted to take the final plunge with one she trusted absolutely.

So while her friends showed off their boyfriends, she had felt like a lost waif amidst them! Not this time, thought Nina. She had her Jack after all.

Their relationship was going strong, as Nina blossomed under Jack’s attention. He made her feel so special, so beautiful. She loved it when he would casually sweep her into his arms and kiss her breathlessly. At times, she even instigated it. She would surrender herself to him. Jack, on the other hand, was always in control.

But for Nina these moments of passion were not enough. She wanted more from Jack, more from their relationship. At 28 years, she wanted him to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. That day was yet to come!

Read the rest of the story at Short Story Book (it’s free!)

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