19 Things To Say To A Guy To Get Him To Like You (And 5 Things Not To Say To A Guy)

15 Nov

1. You’re so sweet.
2. You always give such good advice!
3. Compliment him- his jokes/looks/intelligence/strength/ect.
4. You’re really funny.
5. You look really good today.
6. Tease him a little- not anything mean and not too much.
7. I really like you.
8. You always smell good.
9. How are you always right?
10. Tell him stories of fun and exciting things that have happened to you- real ones only!
11. Thank you.
12. Inside jokes go a long way.
13. Ask him about his day/life/recent events.
14. I want to be with you.
15. You’re so fun!
16. Ask for help with something- guys love to help out. But not too much- you don’t want to be needy.
17. Want to go on a date sometime?
18. You crack me up.
19. I like talking with you- you’re a good listener.

1. Don’t tell him he’s a good friend- he’ll think that he’s in ‘the friend zone.’
2. Don’t try too hard or show off too much.
3. Don’t try to make him jealous.
4. Don’t be too sexual- that is short term- emotional is more long-term.
5. Don’t be possessive or clingy.

6. Don’t say too many negative things- there’s venting and there’s being ‘witchy.’

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