21 Things To Say To A Girl To Get Her To Like You (And 5 Things Not To Say To A Girl)

3 Nov

Always be honest. Always be interested in her.

1. I’ve been thinking about you a lot.
2. Girls like to laugh and jokes- tell her some.
3. I like hanging out with you.
4. Tell me how a guy like me can end up with a princess like you?
5. I feel like I could tell you anything.
6. Want to go on a date sometime?
7. Light jokes at your own expense shows you can laugh at yourself. (Not too many!)
8. I hate being apart from you- it’s not as fun.
9. You have a way of making me smile.
10. You are gorgeous/beautiful.
11. There’s something I’ve been wanting to say for a long time- I love you.
12. I’d like to be the one to make you feel special every day.
13. You have beautiful lips.
14. Light teasing goes a long way- always keep it playful and light- never mean.
15. Ask about her day or event she had.
16. Tell her something about her you like- personality/humor/intelligence/looks.
17. An inside joke can go a long way to bringing you closer together.
18. Before I met you I never knew what it was like to smile so much.
19. You’re a very special girl.
20. You’re adorable!
21. Your smile makes my day.

1. Don’t be too negative- there’s venting and there’s being a jerk.
2. Don’t be mean- even compliments with a mean twist won’t make a good relationship.
3. Don’t gush or fawn over her too much- it feels needy- or worse, creepy.
4. There’s a difference between complimenting and sucking up.
5. Girls love being listened to- don’t talk the whole time and ask questions to get her to say more.


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