13 Spooky Romantic Date Ideas

20 Oct

Some romantic Halloween date ideas.

1. Carve pumpkins together. Then curl up on the couch together and drink hot apple cider in the jack-o-lantern candlelight.

2. Dress up together as a romantic couple! It’ll give you an excuse to act all lovey-dovey all night.

3. Feed each other Halloween candy like they were grapes.

4. Have a vampire movie marathon. Vampires are by far the sexiest monsters out there. Huddle close during the scary parts.

5. Find a masquerade party and go together. Nothing is more romantic and alluring than a room full of masked people. To make it even more fun, act like you’re meeting for the first time.

6. Take a tour of haunted houses or mansions in the area.

7. Find out if there are haunted carriage or hay rides in the area and go on one together.

8. Go to a haunted corn maze together and get lost together.

9. Cook a spooky meal and eat it by candlelight.

10. Have a pick nick in the cemetery.

11. Go to a murder mystery dinner show together.

12. Go to a Halloween fair or festival together.

13. Have a Halloween photo shoot in your romantic matching costumes.

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