35 Romantic Halloween Costume Ideas

1 Oct

It’s October, that means that Halloween is on its way. Need some romantic couples costume ideas?

1. Tarzan and Jane
2. Aladdin and Jasmine
3. Prince and Princess
4. Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Herra
5. Angel and Deamon
6. Fred and Wilma
7. Romeo and Juliet
8. Robin Hood and Maid Marrian
9. Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf
10. Cleopatra and Marc Antony
11. Bonnie and Clyde
12. Viking/Pirate/Swordsman and Wench
13. Wesley and Buttercup (From Princess Bride)
14. Arwen and Aragorn
15. Adan and Eve
16. Superman and Lewis Lane
17. Phantom and Christine
18. WWII Soldier and Nurse
19. John Smith and Pocohantus
20. Edward and Bella
21. John and Jackie Kennedy
22. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
23. Napoleon and Josephine
24. Barbie and Ken
25.Beauty and the Beast
26. Boris and Natasha
27. Mickey and Minnie Mouse
28. Arthur (or Lancelot) and Guinevere
29. Cheerleader and Football player
30. Bride and Groom
31. Butterfly and Butterfly catcher
32. Sailor and Nurse (From the famous WWII picture!)
33. Vampire and Victim
34. Cowboy and Saloon Girl
35. Anastasia and Dimitry


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