12 Things To Do To Get Your Lover’s Attention

16 Sep

Feel like your lover is watching the TV or computer more than you? Want to get their attention? Here’s some ideas!

1. Try out a new scent- or a scent associated with an especially spicy memory.

2. Dress up for no good reason and meet them at the door when they come home from work.

3. Have sweet and tender little nick names for each other.

4. Spontaneously start a game- whether it is tag or Monopoly.

5. Get a new haircut.

6. Play a romantic song- dance with them!

7. Lock eyes with your lover and tell them how deeply you love them.

8. Lean in and whisper what you’d like to do with them the next time you get them in the bedroom.

9. Thank them for something you’ve never thanked them for before.

10. Make a list of everything you love about them and give it to them.

11. Send them a romantic SMS.

12. Give them a romantic poem or quote.

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