14 Simple Things You Can Do To Impress Her

7 Sep

I’ve been very surprised that my 32 Romantic Russian Phrases has been one of my top-ranking articles. But I looked back on it and thought about it. The words are very deep and romantic in ways you wouldn’t expect. The site I link to in that post describes what a typical Russian man is like. (Anyone else start noticing more, attractive Russian men on TV after that?) It’s very attractive and brings times back to when men showed how they cared- from grand gestures to simple things. Looking around on that website and remembering good (and bad) dates I’ve had, I was able to create a list of very simple, easy things any man can do to impress a woman. Some are the way Russian men act- some are old, American traditions that have sadly died out.

1. Open doors for her- car door, building doors.

2. Use pet names to show you care.

3. Pull out her chair to let her sit then push it in for her.

4. Help her with her coat.

5. Dress up for dinner and ask her to as well- even if it’s just to a fast food restaurant. It adds romance and mystery.

6. Give her your coat when she is cold.

7. Make sure you have everything planned out ahead of time- women like a man who knows what he is doing.

8. Cook a meal for her at home with candles- again- dress up for the occasion.

9. Pour her drinks for her.

10. Pick her up and carry her over puddles.

11. If there is any danger (angry dog, drop off, cars) stand between her and the danger.

12. Walk on the curb side of the sidewalk to protect her from cars.

13. Poetry- tell her a poem, read her a poem, or if you’re too shy- write/copy a poem and give it to her. Romantic Poetry

14. Hold her hand.


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