9 Types of Women

6 Aug

Men love all kinds of women. What kind are you?

The Business Woman

You’re always in charge. You have a good head on your shoulders and always know what’s going on. You have the answer to everything. You’re a confident woman. People look up to you. Men like you because you are reliable. They know that you will take care of them when they’re sick or unemployed. They admire your power and respect you for how hard you work.

The Girl Next Door

You are sweet, funny, shy, and cute- but you don’t realize any of this. You’re always there for your friends to help- even if it’s the guy you’ve always had a super huge crush on. Guys tend to overlook you sometimes. They tell you about their woes with their girlfriends when you could be 100X better to him than she is. He just doesn’t seem to see it. Don’t worry girls, he’ll come around. Some day he’ll realize who has been there through all the hard times and see how valuable you really are to him.

The Mother

Whether you took care of your child on your own or had help- you are strong. You are caring and patient. You’ve been through tough times other women cannot understand. Men like you because of your experience- your motherhood has made you loving and durable. You know how to take care of things and others.

The Bad Girl

You’re always living on the edge. Whether it’s a new tattoo or breaking some rules, you’re always getting into trouble. Men like you because you’re adventurous and exciting. You’re never boring. They like the adrenaline rush you give- it makes them feel alive.

The Book Worm

You always have your nose in a book! You love reading or school. You’re extremely smart and know a lot. People come to you to find out things. Men like you exactly because you’re smart. You can have interesting conversations or debates together. You can challenge each other and grow. You’ll never grow boring because you’ll always be researching.

The Ever Innocent

People tend to call you a ditz, innocent, naive, or “oh honey.” But what’s wrong with being innocent? You trust people- isn’t it the people who break the trust that are wrong? You’re not jaded or bitter- you just want to enjoy the lovely things in life. Men like you because you have a fresh outlook on life. You remind them how they saw the world as little boys. You make everything more joyful, fun, and sweet.

The Action Heroin

You just need to gogogogogo! You’re always doing something active- biking, rock climbing, running, ect. You’re happiest when your outside doing something fun. Men like you because you’re fun to do things with. They like going out and doing something adventurous with you. You give them something new and exciting every day.

The Princess

You know what you want and you generally get it. It’s because you know what to do and work for it. Other people think things land in your lap, but they’re selling you short. You trained to get on the team, you knew just how to cheer that guy up- that’s why he likes you. Guys like you because they see how your life fits, falls into place. You make them feel like they’re in a fairytale and they’re the shining prince. They know that life is going to be a fun, romantic adventure with you.

The Outcast

Nothing seems to ever work for you. It’s hard making friends. The only time people seem to notice you is for the bad reasons. You worry that that’ll always be your life. But one day a really nice guy will notice you- not for the dark haze people paint around you- but actually you. He’ll value you because he can see the true you- the you that no one has ever seen before. And that’s what makes him so special and what makes you so special to him.

So ladies, which type are you?

Guys, which do you like?


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