Top 7 Men’s Romantic Fantasies

29 Jul

1. To rescue a woman- men do have deep desire to help women and protect them. They want to save a woman and feel needed. Anything from screwing in a light bulb to saving a woman from physical harm.

2. To chase after a woman- rarely does this mean literally. A man likes to feel like he’s earned the woman he has, that he worked hard and succeeded where other men had failed. He has proven himself better than the others. Whether the woman was playing hard-to-get, she had a lot of suitors, or a disapproving family, he won in the end.

3. A foreign woman- men love it much in the same way women do. It’s different, it’s new. He can teach her things and help her out. And she could show him a world he never knew about.

4. Respect- It might not sound romantic, but think of all those action/romance movies. The woman listens to the man, she trusts him, she respects him. He says ‘jump’ they ‘jump.’ That is very alluring. Sometimes this goes along with #2- where the man likes to first earn the respect of the woman, but there is respect in the end.

5. Introducing a woman to romance- nothing feels more special than when a person appreciates that you were the first one to give them a dozen red roses or take them on a beach picknick, or any number of things. The look in her eyes, the gratitude and adoration can’t be matched.

6. Alone time- men like cuddling too sometimes. It is nice when they find someone they can trust enough to be open and vulnerable with.

7. Admiration- Men love being admired. For intelligence, humor, resourcefulness, or strength. They especially appreciate admiration over their physical strength. Men have been taught at a young age that they must be strong. They work hard to become strong. A woman admiring their muscles is a great way to show them their work was worth it and they are worth it.


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