Top 8 Romantic Fantasies for Women

19 Jul

1. A man from a foreign country- It’s the accent, the sense of mystery, a deep knowledge and willing to share and teach, but also needs taught by the woman about the new culture he’s in. Nothing gets a woman more intrigued than a man from another land.

2. A man of entitlement- whether he is rich or of noble blood, this is captivating to a woman. It is a man with a lot of responsibility- he’s proven that he can take care of things, so he can take care of her too.

3. To be rescued- every woman has problems and issues in her life. It doesn’t mean she can’t handle the issues and take care of herself, it’s just nice knowing that a man will be there to take care of her when she’s feeling tired or alone.

4. To be needed- it lets the woman know that she is valuable and important in the world and to the man. He’s not going anywhere and is lucky to have her.

5. A man with a dangerous job- nothing get’s a woman’s heart pounding like adventure and action. Life is fleeting and she needs to grasp it while she can.

6. To be worshiped- come, on, who doesn’t want to be worshiped. If you have your attention on her, she feels like the center of your world and doesn’t have to worry about other women. It makes her feel beautiful and special and amazing.

7. Surprises- it shows that you were thinking about her even when she’s not around and you want to please her.

8. A man who will be romantic with her- women love romance- it shows how much you care and how much you need her.

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