10 Meanings for H Flowers

16 Jul

Find the perfect flower for yourself and your lover. Nothing is more romantic than making a bouquet with flowers hand-picked to represent you, your lover, and your relationship.

Part of the Flower Alphabet

Heather: solitude, admiration, protection, wishes will come true, good luck, beauty

Heliotrope: Devotion, eternal love

Hibiscus: delicate beauty, rare beauty

Holly: domestic happiness, good will, defense, foresight

Hollyhock: ambition, liverality

Honeysuckle: devoted affection, bonds of love, generous affection, sweet disposition

Houseleek: domestic economy

Hyacinth: sincerity, games and sports, rashness, constancy, I’m sorry, please forgive me, sorrow, play, loveliness, I’ll pray for you, jealousy,rashness, sorrow

Hydrangea: perseverance, frigidness, heartlessness, thank you for understanding, water, vanity, boastfulness, greatfulness for understanding, sincerity, heartfelt, 4th anniversary

Hyssop: ward away evil spirits

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