15 Romantic Prom Ideas and Tips

19 Apr

Prom is a very romantic night for everyone. The music, lights, dancing, dresses. Make sure it’s the best night.

1. Give her a single, long-stemmed rose. (For more tips on roses: https://romanticideasinlife.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/how-roses-talk-meanings-of-roses/)

2. Sweep her off her feet and surprise her! Carry her from her house to the limo or from the limo to the prom. 

3. Show up with a box of chocolates and/or a cute stuffed animal for her.

4. While dancing, lean down really far with her in your arms and kiss her deeply. (Like in the picture of the sailor and the nurse after WWII.) 

5. Before prom set up Christmas lights in a romantic spot (forest, field, barn, gazebo, beach, ect) or candles (beach, living room, ect) and tell your date that you just can’t let her go yet and have to have one more dance with only her.

6. Impress her with some romantic Italian! (https://romanticideasinlife.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/romantic-italian-phrases/)

7. Instead of a rose, find out what your date’s favorite flower is and give her one. 

8. Strew rose petals across the floor or sidewalk. (Or cherry/pear/peach/plum blossoms.)  

9. While dancing, pick her up and spin her around in your arms.

10. Serenade her! If you know how to play an instrument, play a song for her (bonus points if you write a song just for her), sing to her, or if you can’t do any of these, play a song that means a lot to you two or makes you think of her. Then tell her why she’s so special to you.

11. While you’re in your finest, go to a beautiful, scenic spot and get pictures together. Then surprise your date by picking your favorite and giving it to them in a beautiful frame so they can always remember the special night. 

12. Request for the DJ to play your song.

13. If your girl is wearing red, request for “Lady in Red.”

14. Give her a beautiful necklace/earings/ring/bracelet for her to wear.

15. Memorize a romantic poem and read it to her. (Bonus points if you wrote it yourself and specifically for her.)

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