12 Romantic Things To Do For Your Lover

8 Apr

1. Get two copies of a book or love poems, and each of you read the same poem each day.

2. Every day, spend 5 minutes listening, without interrupting, as  your partner describes their day. Ask 3 questions about projects that you know your love is working on.

3. Say “my love” so often that it becomes your partner’s name.

4. Spend a day doing what your partner likes to do (shopping at the mall, attending a car show.) Ask a lot of questions and try to learn why your lover enjoys it.

5. Hide a small gift in the back of the cupboard.

6. Send a love letter in code, with the first letter in each line or each word spelling a message.

7. Put your hand on his while he switches gears.

8. Come home earlier than you said you would and spend the extra time just hugging and talking to your love.

9. Sit in the back of a movie theater where you can cuddle without anyone seeing you.

10. Call their cooking delicious, even if it’s not.

11. Leave a business envelope in his briefcase with a note inside that describes why you fell in love with him.

12. Put diamond earrings on her while she’s asleep and wait for her to notice.

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