How Roses Talk: 49 Meanings of Roses

1 Apr

Before buying your lover some roses find out what they mean and what they will say to the one you love.

(And don’t forget Great Lovers’ Day tomorrow, April 2!!!!!!)

Roses: Elegance, beauty, perfection, love

Red: Love, romance, beauty, life, courage, respect, passion, sincere love, deep emotion, fidelity, marriage, true love, unconscious beauty, bold, dramatic , romantic love, enduring passion, creative spirit, desire, marital bliss, honest beauty

Pink: Grace, elegance, admiration, appreciation, joy, love, gratitude, sweetness, poetic romance, gentleness, sympathy, refinement, Thank You, grace, gladness, sweetness, femininity, harmony, recognition, gentility, sweet thoughts

White: Innocence, purity, marriage, new beginnings, honor, reverence, remembrance, secrecy, true love, unity, silence, youthfulness, virtue, young love, also called The Bridal Rose, honor, reverence, heavenliness, girlhood, virginity, hope, happy love, humility, early marriage, truth, loyalty, worthiness, everlasting love, spiritual love, confession

Yellow: Warmth, happiness, joy, friendship, get well, wisdom, power, jealousy, dying love, cheerfulness, platonic love, gladness, welcome back, new beginning, caring, delight, remember me, newly engaged, freedom

Orange: Enthusiasm, desire, exciting romance, passion, excitement, warmth, sweetness, movement from a platonic to a romantic relationship, fascination, pride, Halloween, attraction, energy

Purple: Unique, enchantment, love at first sight, majesty, royalty, splendor, magical, wonder, impossibility, sincerity, desire, cautiousness, magnetism, opulence

Peach: Appreciation, gratitude, sincerity, closing a deal, get together, modesty, great cheer, genuineness, thankfulness

Deep Red: Unconscious beauty, deep passion, commitment, dying love

Yellow and Red: Friendship, falling in love, jovial, happy

White and Red: Unity

Blue: Mysterious, unattainable, ambiguity, impossible, extraordinarily wonderful

Black: Death, farewell, sorrow, loss, mortality, journey, courage, resistance, Halloween, rebirth, new beginnings

1 Rose: Simplicity, gratitude, utmost devotion, I still love you, love at first sight, exceptional love devoted  to one person

Single Red Rose: I Love You

2 Roses: Marry me, mutual feelings, deep love

3 Roses: For the three words “I love you”, the couple and their love

5 Roses: “I love you very much”

6 Roses: Need to be loved and cherished, I love you, I miss you, infatuation, I want to be yours

7 Roses: I’m infuriated with you

9 Roses: Together as long as we live, together forever, eternally

10 Roses: You’re pretty, your love is perfection

11 Roses: True, deep love, treasured, the one most loved

12 Roses A Dozen Roses: Steadiness, Be Mine, satisfactory union, mutual affinity

13 Roses: Secret admirer, forever friends

15 Roses: I’m really sorry

20 Roses: Sincerity

21 Roses: Commitment, dedication

24 Roses Two Dozen Roses: Always on my mind, 24 hours of the day, I’m yours

25 Roses: Congratulations

33 Roses: Profound love

36 Roses Three Dozen Roses: Romantic moments, memories, romantic attachment, head over heals in love

40 Roses: Genuineness

44 Roses: Pledge of consistent and undying love

50 Roses: Well-ripened love, no regrets, love that knows no bounds, regretless, love

56 Roses: My love

66 Roses: Successful love affair

99 Roses: I love you till the day I die, understanding, eternal

100 Roses: Complete devotion, happy union of two souls until death or 100 years

101 Roses: You’re my one and only, no other love but you (From Russia)

108 Roses: Will you marry me

111 Roses: Eternal love

123 Roses: Free love

144 Roses: Love every day and night eternally

365 Roses: Thinking of you, the days of the year

999 Roses: Love that will last till the end of time, everlasting, eternal

1001 Roses: Faithful love, eternity, forever

Rosebuds: Purity, loveliness, forever young and beautiful

Thornless Rose: Love at first sight

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  1. whatsaysyou at 9:33 am #

    Very interesting about roses and thanks for sharing.


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