8 Ideas for Romance

29 Mar

1. Hide a sexy love note or treat in the medicine cabinet.

2. On a warm, sunny day, arrange a picnic outside your hone’s office, complete with blanket, umbrella, and gourmet lunch foods, so the two of you can lounce in front of everyone who’s madly working through lunch.

3. Go for a swing together in a hammock or a porch swing.

4. Tickle each other with a fully bloomed rose.

5. Create a secret “I love you” signal- a clasped had, a raised eyebrow, and hand gesture, a half-smile- and use it often when you’re in public, especially when you’re talking to different people.

6. When it’s cold outside, bundle up and walk to a nearby park to watch the sun set over a silhouette of bare trees. After the sun goes down, hurry home for huge mugs of hot cocoa.

7. Throw a dart at a map of the area you live in. Wherever it lands, drive there for a day and find something interesting to do together.

8. Leave flowers sticking out of your sweetheart’s mailbox.


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