Romantic Poem: More Than You Know

17 Mar

More Than You Know


I’d like to tell you

how much I love you,

and I hope you know that I do…

I wish that the words I speak

so gently to you could be

heard by your heart

with the same meanings

and the same soft feelings of love

that they carry from deep within me.


For more than you know …

I love so many things about you.

More than just the way you hold me

and the warmth you give;

I enjoy sharing life with you.

I enjoy the way we balance each other out,

how we share the good times

and support each other through the tears.

I enjoy the knowledge that we’ll make it

through whatever life brings

with courage and with love

through the years.


More than you know …

and more than I can ever say,

I feel a wonderful thankfulness

in my heart … just for you.

And I want you to remember, though

my thoughts don’t always convey

and my feelings don’t always show,

I love you, and I always will ..

more than you know.


Andrew Tawney

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