Is Romance Dead?

5 Mar

We hear so often that romance is dead. It’s not hard to believe. No one throws their coat over a puddle so his fair love won’t get her feet wet. I’ve never known anyone who was serenaded by moonlight. And outside of the movies, I’ve never seen any man make a grand romantic gesture to prove his love.

Are we just getting lazier and not showing as much affection?

I don’t think that’s the case at all. There are so many new and different ways to show your love. Texting, e-mail, and social networks make it easier to send romantic love letters. There are so many new and creative ways to show your lover how much you care. To make a romance extra spicy throw in some of the old with the new. Mail a hand-written love letter and send texts. Post lyrics of a meaningful song on her Facebook page and sing to her while petting her hair. Send an e-card and real roses. There are so many ways available to us. We just need to use it. There is hope and love for everyone.

Some really cute ways people have shown their love in this internet age:


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