17 Romantic Text/SMS Messages

4 Mar

Sending your lover a random, romantic text in the middle of the day is sure to cheer them up and make them feel as special as you know they are. It’s sure to get you a peck on the cheek when you get home.

1. I heard someone whisper your name 2day, but wen i turned around 2 c who it was, i noticed i was alone, dats wen i realized it was my heart tellin me how much i miss U!

2. Last night I dreamed of you. I wish it had never ended.

3. I’m enthralled by your beauty, mesmerised by your charisma and spellbound by your love. No wonder I am always thinking about you.

4. Wantin u is easy missin u is hard.Wishin u was wiv me wrapped up in my arms.Constantly think of u wen we r apart.Ive got the padlock u hav the key to my heart

5. I love you so much!

6. You know I wish I can be with you everyday for 8 days a week and 25 hrs a day. I never seem to get enough of you.

7. Have I told you lately how beautiful and sexy you are?

8. There are a million stars and a million dreams, you are the only star for me, the
only dream i dream

9. There are Tulips in my garden, there are Tulips in the park, but nothing is more be beautiful than our two lips meeting in the dark!

10. My ❤ can’t stop thinking of how much it loves you!

11. 1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u, 1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u, 1st time i kiss u i was scared to luv u, but now dat i luv u im scared 2 lose u!

12. I’ve never met anyone like you. I ❤ you.

13. Falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world. Finding you is the first.

14. I miss you.

15. Darling, the more I think of you, the more I miss you. The more I miss you, the more I think of you. I love you.

16. I can’t wait to see you again!

17. You are the best person I’ve ever known and I love you so much.

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