Romantic Advice from Tools for a Happier Life

24 Feb

This site had a lot of good advice. I recommend checking it out.

Some excerpts:

From Love Home

Love is the most basic human emotional need; therefore, the advice given here is going to be extensive.”

From Laws of Love

Whoever is going the fastest must slow down and go as slow as the slowest one, or there can be no healthy progress. …. If romance is giving you more pain than pleasure for longer than a month, either you’re doing something wrong or you’re doing it with the wrong one. Change something now.”

From Finding Love

“When you smile at anyone you’re attracted to – also RAISE YOUR SHOULDERS…. It’s the clearest non-verbal signal that you will not reject them if they approach you. Most men MUST get this non-verbal signal, or they won’t come near you.”

From Getting Love

“The human mating ritual is not a game. It’s a dance. and the slowest one will lead, or most often they’ll leave the dance floor. Don’t fight it. Find someone faster or you go slower. What does it mean to dance? It means to follow.”

From Keeping Love

“Realize that most relationship problems are really communication problems. The most efficient way to heal many marriage problems is to improve the quality of your communication.”

From Feeling Distance

“If anything will work at all it is to let go. Not let go and sit home and suffer, but let go and go have a blast every day. This may sound impossible. But if your love is strong enough, if your goal of winning them back is compelling enough; you can do anything you have to do. Letting go and having a blast strengthens your position several ways.

  1. It surprises them. They have taken your suffering for granted. They assume it. That’s the person they’re dumping. Who the hell is this person having so much fun? Curiosity is compelling. You get happy and relaxed with this and it hits them like a bucket of cold water that they don’t know you quite as well as they thought they did.
  2. We’re all sexier and more attractive when we’re having a blast than when we’re depressed. It’s far more compelling than making them responsible for our happiness.
  3. When they see beyond a shadow of a doubt you’re no longer chasing after their affection they can quit running and make their decision based on what they want instead of the chase they’re running from.
  4. We often take each other for granted. Part of the reason you’ve stopped taking them for granted right now is they’ve pulled back. The water in the well really is running dry. If your love will come back it will be after “they” realize all that’s missing from life without you. They can’t know what that is till you’ve pulled back as well.”

From How to Let Go

When you have to get over it, a lot of times it feels impossible.”


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