Day 1 of 14 Days of Valentines

1 Feb

Date of the Day: Ice skating. Romantic and fun. Plus a great excuse to cuddle together afterwards with some hot cocoa.

Gift of the Day: A cute teddy bear. Something your lover can hug when you’re not around.

Quote of the Day: I love you- those three words have my life in them.       -Alexandrea to Nickolaus III

Tip of the Day: Slip a love letter into your lover’s purse/wallet/backpack/briefcase. It’ll be a lovely surprise during the day.

Photo of the Day: 

Video of the Day:

Love letter of the Day:

Dear Asha,

You are my everything. Thank you for loving me the way no one can. You understand me and you know just how to make things right. You will never know just how much I love you, but I will spend the rest of my days trying to show you. You saved me from the worst, and you are always there for me. Fighting is never an option and making love is always as sweet as the first time. No matter what, there will never be another for me and I will always keep you safe. I love you… for all eternity. Thank you, Asha!

Love always,


Poem of the Day:

Love is the sweetest emotion,

That springs in my heart,

Love is like that tender kiss,

You gave me at the start,

Love is to see that special smile,

Appear on your face,

Love is like a bouquet,

With its trimmings & lace

Love is like sunshine,

Strong & true,

Love is all that I feel so deeply for you

Valentine’s Day Story:

When my father fought in WWII. One of his friends was a florist and they made a deal. My father fought for three years. For those three years my mother would receive a beautiful bouquet on her birthday, their anniversary, and on Valentine’s day with a note saying how much my father loved her.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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