22 Romantic Ideas

29 Jan
  • Go on a pick nick
  • Secretly make reservations for dinner then surprise them with dancing
  • There’s a reason why strewing rose petals everywhere and candles are a classic
  • Write a little love note and laminate it. Freeze it in an ice cube. Your lover must melt the ice to read the note.
  • Look deeply into your lover’s eyes and say “You’re beautiful/handsome.”
  • When he gets home jump on him and kiss him all over.
  • Go to a drive-in movie and cuddle under blankets.
  • Kiss her gently on her eyelids. Or cup her chin in your hand and draw her in for a passionate kiss.
  • Give give eachother foot massages together.
  • Dim the lights and put on mellow music.
  • Surprise your lover with a delicious, fancy home made meal. Tasty and sexy.
  • Wear something of your lover’s around your neck. A ring, locket, marble, photo, coin. It looks wonderful and you always have something of your lover’s close to your heart.
  • Write clues on pieces of paper and hide them around the house. Each clue leads to the next. The last one leads to your heart!
  • Write sweet poems or letters (or find some if you really can’t write- but do try, when it’s your own work it is more meaningful) and send them to your lover at work.
  • Change your desktop background to a picture of the two of you.
  • Write “I love you” on post it notes and put them all over the house.
  • Randomly text your lover “I love you”
  • Play hide-and-seek in the rain.
  • Go out at night when it’s snowing. Go on a walk, make a fort or snowman, go sledding, anything, it’s very romantic.
  • Give a dozen red roses or a single red or white rose on a day when there is no special occasion- it’s just to show how much you love them.
  • Hug them like you’ll never let them go.
  • Say “I love you” in another language.

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