Romantic Holidays

Valentine’s Day

These have a little bit of everything- romantic quotes, romantic music, romantic videos, romantic dates, ect

2011 Day 1

2011 Day 2

2011 Day 3

2011 Day 4

2011 Day 5

2011 Day 6

2011 Day 7

2011 Day 8

2011 Day 9

2011 Day 10

2011 Day 11

2011 Day 12

2011 Day 13

2011 Valentines Day

36 Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

56 Romantic Valentine’s Day Photo Shoots

34 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her And Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

19 Ways To Get Him To Ask You Out For Valentine’s Day

8 Romantic and Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards

30 Romantic Valentine’s Day Weddings

23 Ways To Propose On Valentine’s Day

31 Romantic Valentine’s Day SMS/Texts

20 Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Photos

48 Romantic Valentine’s Day Dates

11 Romantic Valentine’s Day Stories

53 Romantic Valentine’s Day Decorations

Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Video

Happy Valentine’s Day


Romantic ideas and tips for Halloween

35 Romantic Halloween Costume Ideas

30 Romantic Halloween Movies

23 Romantic Couples’ Costumes

Unusual Romance

15 Romantic Halloween Weddings

14 Romantic Pumpkin Carvings

Romantic Sensual Vampires

Evening Star

Witch Romance

12 Romantic Pumpkin Bouquets

Bridal Ballad

15 Romantic Halloween Costumes

13 Spooky Romantic Date Ideas

Vampires Vs Werewolves

To One In Paradise

12 Romantic Halloween Costumes

Romantic Halloween Poem

Love Song For A Vampire

10 Romantic Halloween Drinks

Werewolf Romance


Add romance to your Thanksgiving.

16 Ways To Make Thanksgiving Romantic

Romantic Thanksgiving Message

Romantic Thanksgiving Love Letter

Romantic Thank You Letter

5 Romantic Thanksgiving Cards


Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year- enjoy the romance.

Happy Endings

19 Romantic Christmas Movies

7 Romantic Christmas Photos

20 Romantic Christmas Date Ideas

5 Real, Romantic Christmas Stories

26 Romantic Christmas SMS/Texts

Romantic Christmas Songs

11 Couples in Romantic Christmas Lights

Expectations- Christmas Special Story

Winter Wonderland Romantic Christmas Wedding

5 Romantic Christmas Poems

15 Romantic Christmas Weddings

Romantic, Fun Christmas Wedding Video

Goodbyes- Christmas Special Story

Cinderella Christmas Morning Proposal

7 Romantic Christmas Morning Moments

10 Romantic Christmas Quotes

Gift of the Magi

12 Romantic Couples in Christmas Lights

New Years

Wonderful, romantic memories and hopes for future romance- all in a kiss at midnight.

7 Romantic New Years Photos

23 Romantic New Years Date Ideas

13 Romantic New Year’s Wishes Text/SMS

Last Minute Midnight Kiss

In Search of A Midnight Kiss

11 Romantic New Years Kisses

23 Ways To Propose On Valentine’s Day

30 Romantic Valentine’s Day Weddings

31 Romantic Valentine’s Day SMS/Texts

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